Title Date Effective from Call-ins
To approve spend for the Safer Streets 5 Project ref: 998426/02/202402/03/20240
Property Services Planned and Reactive Maintenance Programme 2024/2025 ref: 996207/03/202414/03/20240
Herefordshire co-ordinated school admissions arrangements 2025/2026 ref: 994514/02/202421/02/2024Call-in expired
Variation to Framework Partnership between the council and NHS Herefordshire and Worcestershire Integrated Care Board (HWICB) relating to the commissioning of health and social care services in connection with the Better Care Fund. ref: 994808/02/202408/02/2024Not for call-in
Schools Budget 2024/25 ref: 991013/02/202420/02/2024Call-in expired
Ross Enterprise Park Phase 1 ref: 992912/02/202417/02/2024Call-in expired
The policy, prioritisation and delivery of section 106 funding09/02/2024For Determination  
Public Realm Services Annual Plan 2024 - 202508/02/2024For Determination  
Guidance on Performance & Decision Making for Cyber Quarter Ltd and Hoople Ltd08/02/2024For Determination  
Decision to introduce a Tattooing, Body Piercing and Skins Policy. 19.01.24 ref: 992319/01/202419/01/2024Not for call-in
To award £70,000 Public Health grant funding to Halo Leisure for the outdoor athletics track project. ref: 994408/12/202308/12/2023Not for call-in
Decision to extend the Herefordshire Stop Smoking Services Pharmacotherapy – a county-wide provision of Nicotine Replacement Therapy. ref: 994318/12/202318/12/2023Not for call-in
Re-allocation of Local Transport Plan (LTP) budgets ref: 994106/02/202406/02/2024Not for call-in
Section 278/38 Agreement for Land South of Closure Place, Peterchurch for Capsel Limited. ref: 994007/02/202407/02/2024Not for call-in
Decision to introduce a 30mph speed limit extension at Sutton St Nicholas, Herefordshire. ref: 993902/02/202402/02/2024Not for call-in
Recommendations of the Environment and Sustainability Scrutiny Committee: Nutrient Management Board06/02/2024For Determination  
Decision to implement additional waiting restrictions at Ledbury Road & Three Crosses Road, Ross-On-Wye ref: 993822/11/202322/11/2023Not for call-in
Decision to not introduce waiting restrictions at Eardisley Village, Herefordshire. ref: 993722/11/202322/11/2023Not for call-in
Decision to not reduce the existing 30mph Speed Limit to 20mph at Cleeve Orchard, Hereford. ref: 993622/11/202322/11/2023Not for call-in
Decision to not reduce existing 40mph Speed Limit to 30mph on A4103 and A4110, Huntington, Herefordshire, at the Three Elms Development. ref: 993522/11/202322/11/2023Not for call-in
Decision to introduce a 30mph speed limit extension at Sutton St Nicholas, Herefordshire. ref: 993402/02/202402/02/2024Not for call-in
Decision to introduce 40MPH speed limit on the B4352, C1191 and Woodbury Lane, Moccas, Herefordshire. ref: 993302/02/202402/02/2024Not for call-in
Decision to introduce additional parking & waiting restrictions along various streets at Leominster, Herefordshire. ref: 993202/02/202402/02/2024Not for call-in
Decision to introduce 50MPH speed limit on the A44 at Drum Crossroads, Herefordshire. ref: 993105/02/202405/02/2024Not for call-in
North Magazine Residual Infrastructure Works, Hereford Enterprise Zone ref: 992815/12/202315/12/2023Not for call-in
Section 38 Agreement for Holmer West, Hereford, Phase 3 for Bloor Homes. ref: 992702/02/202402/02/2024Not for call-in
Highway Maintenance Plan02/02/2024For Determination  
Resurfacing Herefordshire Highways01/02/2024For Determination  
Additional Department for Transport Highways Maintenance Funding 2023/24 & 2024/2501/02/2024For Determination  
To award a contract for an Occupational Therapy Assessment Support Service ref: 992615/01/202415/01/2024Not for call-in
Appointment of Externiture UK to remove and replace existing bus shelters at Hereford Country Bus Station ref: 992501/02/202401/02/2024Not for call-in
Community-based support services – recommendations from Health, Care and Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee01/02/2024For Determination