Declarations of interest

Link to dispensations under Section 33 of the Localism Act 2011


Meeting:  Friday 11 June 2021 10.15 am - General scrutiny committee

7. Herefordshire Council’s response to the covid pandemic

  • Councillor David Summers - Other Interest - Councillor Summers declared an ‘other’ interest in agenda item 7, ‘Herefordshire Council’s response to the covid pandemic’, due to attendance at meetings of the Covid 19 engagement working group.

Meeting:  Tuesday 25 January 2022 10.15 am - Audit and Governance Committee

11. Annual report on code of conduct

  • Councillor Yolande Watson - Other Interest - Councillor Yolande Watson declared an 'other' interest in relation to the agenda item ‘Annual report on code of conduct’ (agenda item 11, minute 71) by virtue of being the ward member for Kerne Bridge which included Walford parish.