Forthcoming decisions
Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
2024/25 Budget, Medium Term Financial and Treasury Management Strategy - Revenue01/12/2023For Determination25/01/2024
Appointments to Shareholder Committee20/10/2023For Determination21/12/2023
2024/25 Capital Investment Budget and Capital Strategy Update01/12/2023For Determination25/01/2024
Customer Service Strategy02/11/2023For Determination25/01/2024
2024/25 Draft Capital Investment Budget and Capital Strategy Update15/09/2023For Determination14/12/2023
Adoption of the Herefordshire Minerals & Waste Local Plan15/09/2023For Determination25/01/2024
Meeting Net Zero Carbon in Herefordshire07/12/2023For Determination25/03/2024
Phosphate Mitigation Strategy06/12/2023For Determination25/01/2024
Nutrient Management Board06/12/2023For Determination22/01/2024
Executive response to recommendations made by Environment and Sustainability Scrutiny Committee regarding River Water Pollution and Implementing the Environment Act 202106/12/2023For Determination31/01/2024
Wye Valley National Landscapes - Acceptance of grant funding06/12/2023For Determination26/01/2024
Annual review of earmarked reserves06/12/2023For Determination21/12/2023
2024/25 Budget, Medium Term Financial and Treasury Management Strategy - Revenue01/12/2023For Determination09/02/2024
Annual review of the councils Information Requests and Complaints 2022/2328/11/2023For Determination12/12/2023
Public Realm Services28/11/2023For Determination28/03/2024
To approve the commissioning of RIBA 4 design works and required intrusive surveys in order to take forward the Hereford Museum and Art Gallery project.23/11/2023For Determination21/12/2023
Best Start in Life Strategic Delivery Plan22/11/2023For Determination04/12/2023
Update on Internal Audit Recommendations21/11/2023For Determination12/12/2023
Q3 Performance Report21/11/2023For Determination22/02/2024
Better Care Fund (BCF) Quarter 2 and Quarter 3 reports 2023-202420/11/2023For Determination11/03/2024
Community paradigm update20/11/2023For Determination04/12/2023
Progress Report to the Minister of State for Children and Families on Children Services in Herefordshire Children’s Services17/11/2023For Determination21/12/2023
Q2 Performance Report17/11/2023For Determination21/12/2023
Delivery Plan 2023-2024 and 2024-2028 County Plan Development15/11/2023For Determination21/11/2023
Annual review of the councils Information Requests and Complaints 2022/2315/11/2023For Determination28/11/2023
Capital Programme Review and Update14/11/2023UrgentFor Determination08/12/2023
2024/25 Draft Budget - Revenue31/10/2023For Determination14/12/2023
Procurement of new waste collection service - update25/10/2023For Determination25/01/2024
IT Strategy Renewal (Digital, Data and Technology Strategy)25/10/2023For Determination22/01/2024
Corporate Parenting Strategy16/10/2023For Determination22/02/2024
Children and Young People's Workforce Strategy11/10/2023For Determination31/01/2024
Eastern River Crossing and Link Road28/09/2023For Determination21/12/2023 postponed to Dec cabinet
Hereford Southern Link Road28/09/2023For Determination21/12/2023 postponed to Dec 23 Cabinet
High Needs Budget 2024/2520/09/2023For Determination29/03/2024
Schools Budget 2024/2520/09/2023For Determination26/01/2024
Winter Service 2023/2411/08/2023For Determination17/12/2023
Hereford Public Art Strategy03/08/2023For Determination22/02/2024
Wye Valley Trust (WVT) Investment Partnership Model03/08/2023For Determination22/02/2024
Herefordshire and Worcestershire Group Training Association Ltd (HWGTA) Investment Partnership Model03/08/2023For Determination25/01/2024
Local Authority Lottery Scheme01/08/2023For Determination25/01/2024
Q3 Budget and Performance Report25/07/2023For Determination22/02/2024
Commissioning of the Herefordshire NHS Health Checks Service08/06/2023For Determination22/01/2024
All Age Carers Strategy08/06/2023For Determination23/05/2024
Herefordshire and Worcestershire All Age Autism Strategy08/06/2023For Determination22/02/2024
New care facility08/06/2023For Determination22/02/2024
Objectives for New Herefordshire Local Transport Plan19/05/2023For Determination21/12/2023
2023 to 2027 Capital Investment in Managing Ash Die Back in Herefordshire23/02/2023For Determination18/12/2023
2023 to 2027 Capital Investment in Highways Infrastructure23/02/2023For Determination22/01/2024