Officer decisions

Officer decisions
Title Date
Property Flood Resilience Recovery Support Scheme 2020 06/07/2020
Record of Officer Decision - Re-Opening of Bromyard, Kington & Ledbury Household Recycling Centres 01/07/2020
Record of Officer Decision - Webex licences – Covid-19 22/06/2020
Decision to extend the current licence agreement on Ashley farm until 31st March 2021 29/06/2020
Legal Protocol put in place due to COVID 19 shall be withdrawn. 01/07/2020
To recommence weddings within Herefordshire 02/07/2020
New nomination agreements for housing allocation scheme with multiple housing 01/07/2020
Communications and promotion – Covid-19 30/06/2020
Decision to sign off Herefordshires Outbreak Control Plan to enable this to be submitted to the relevant bodies on the 30th June 2020 30/06/2020
Serving of a Section 235 Notice Under the Housing Act 2004. Widemarsh. 29.06.2020 29/06/2020
The Authorisation to engage with site owners to further assess ground conditions - Element 1 12/06/2020
Decision to Prosecute An Individual for Breaching a Disqualification Order and Allowing Animals to Suffer. Bromyard Bringsty. 20.05.20 20/05/2020
Decision to Issue a Simple Caution against an individual under Section 117 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984. Central Ward. 12.05.20 12/05/2020
Decision to Prosecute An Individual for Unfair Trading. Kerne Bridge. 30.04.20 30/04/2020
Decision to Prosecute An Individual for Breaching a Disqualification Order and Allowing Animals to Suffer. Bromyard Bringsty. 30.04.20 30/04/2020
To approve expenditure of the two tier risk allocation at Marlbrook School 22/06/2020
Digital provision for seeking children and young people’s views when they are supported by social care or early help services 16/06/2020
Use of Gardner Hall residential accommodation at Venns Road for key workers on short term basis from April 2020, for three months 26/06/2020
Highway Maintenance Works (20-006), Herefordshire 25/06/2020
Delay scheduled mainstream and SEN transport retendering to allow time to understand longer term implications of Covid-19 26/06/2020
Removal of Suspension for existing highways amenity licensing (pavement café) activity in relation to the covid19 outbreak 26/06/2020
To recommence the registration of births within Herefordshire 26/06/2020
Modern Slavery 2020-21 02/03/2020
Accommodation based support service for care leavers 22/06/2020
Produce a Masterplan covering the design of internal roads, drainage and services in order to prepare investment ready plots at the North Magazine, Hereford Enterprise Zone 23/06/2020
Strategic Acquisition of property known as Maylord Shopping Centre in Herefordshire 23/06/2020
Award a facilities management contract post completion of the strategic acquisition to run Maylord Shopping Centre, Herefordshire 23/06/2020
Parking operations and charges – suspension of on and off street parking charges 22/06/2020
Proposed Public Path Diversion Order Footpath D514 AV4 (Part) in the Parish of Avenbury 23/06/2020
Award contract to Caroline Hanks, Facilitator of Herefordshire Meadows for the provision of Meadow creation and restoration training for the River Wye and Lugg Natural Flood Management Project Catchment Advisors 23/06/2020


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