Officer decisions

Officer decisions
Title Date
Approval of the expenditure of up to £5,500 from the Capital Maintenance Schools’ Budget for asbestos removal works to Michaelchurch Primary School. 24/02/2021
Record of Officer Decision - Building Control Scheme of Charges 23/02/2021
Green Space Enhancements – Residential Trees and Trees on Public Open Space, Towns Fund 23/02/2021
Award of contracts for Family Mentoring and Befriending 17/02/2021
Surrender and grant of new lease in respect of Unit 12 Maylord Shopping Centre, Hereford 16/02/2021
Extend the contract for the Herefordshire emergency duty team from 1 April 2021 up to 31 March 2023 17/02/2021
Library Management System Contract Update 18/02/2021
Tree Preservation Order 641 The Vicarage Bosbury 10/02/2021
Consolidation of Wellington and Auberrow Speed Limit Orders 10/02/2021
Proposed Public Path Diversion Footpaths FL7(Part) in the Parish of Felton and PW8A (Part) in the Parish of Preston Wynne. 05/02/2021
Travel Fund, Towns Fund 17/02/2021
To approve expenditure up to the value of £65,500 to award professional services contracts and to complete feasibility work to progress the Integrated Wetlands project 16/12/2020
Decision to spend on the Shirehall Courtroom Ceiling Remedial Works 25/01/2021
Explosive Storage Licence for Evans Farm and Country Supplies for 3 years. Widemarsh. 16.09.20 16/09/2020
Explosives Storage Licence. Lightning Fireworks. Three Crosses. 15.01.21 15/01/2021
Short term tenancy in respect of unit 17 Maylord Shopping Centre, Hereford 09/02/2021
Decision to prosecute an individual uder S117 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 for blue badge misuse. Central Ward. 22.01.21 22/01/2021
Dealing with newly registered low risk Food hygiene premises 16/02/2021
Proposed Public Path Diversion Bridleway ME3 (Part) in the Parish of Michaelchurch Escley 05/02/2021
Decision to enter into a Consultancy Agreement to carry out a Condition Survey and Recommendation for Improvement Works at the Old House Museum. 12/02/2021
Contract Award Substance Use Service 10/02/2021
Record of Officer Decision - Decision to approve the procurement of an additional 75 days of internal audit work to be completed by South West Audit Partnership (SWAP) 15/02/2021
Approval of the appointment of Land Science to complete non-invasive ground survey investigations the for the Brookfield School Improvement capital project 12/02/2021
Award the contract of a Learning Management System and an associated website for the Herefordshire Safeguarding Children Partnership (HSCP), Herefordshire Safeguarding Adult Board and Herefordshire Community Safety Partnership. 10/02/2021
Approval to complete a contract variation for IE Brand and Digital Consultancy to provide additional consultancy services for the brand and digitalisation of Talk Community 11/02/2021


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