Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Objectives for New Herefordshire Local Transport Plan ref: 1005328/03/202406/04/2024Call-in expired
Delivery Plan 2023/24 ref: 979923/11/202330/11/2023Call-in expired
Transfer/Re-allocation of Capital Funds from Schools Capital Investment Programme to Corporate Asset Review Projects ref: 959009/08/202316/08/2023Call-in expired
Ofsted Monitoring Visit Feedback ref: 952022/06/202329/06/2023Call-in expired
Quarter 4 Budget & Performance Report ref: 952322/06/202329/06/2023Call-in expired
Adoption of the Walford neighbourhood plan and consequential updates to the countywide policies map ref: 950413/06/202320/06/2023Call-in expired
Adoption of the revised Ledbury neighbourhood plan and consequential updates to the countywide policies map ref: 950513/06/202320/06/2023Call-in expired
Decision to increase Non-Statutory Registration Service fees and charges from 1 July 2023 to December 2025 ref: 949615/05/202315/05/2023Not for call-in
Special Educational Need and Disability (SEND) Placement Sufficiency Plan26/05/2023Abandoned  
SPF Business Enterprise Fund ref: 949522/05/202322/05/2023Not for call-in
Decision to lease units 4 & 5 Three Elms Trading Estate to Third Eye Brew Company ref: 949018/05/202318/05/2023Not for call-in
Award a contract to carry out building improvements including window frame repairs, localised rainwater good repairs and works to the external canopy at Governor’s House, Hereford, up to a value of £130,000 ref: 949101/06/202201/06/2022Not for call-in
Herefordshire Local Plan 2021-2041 Regulation 18 - delay to consultation ref: 948918/05/202318/05/2023Not for call-in
Taxi and Private Hire Policy19/05/2023For Determination  
To make provisional Tree Preservation Order 670 Aylestone Hill Hereford ref: 948424/01/202324/01/2023Not for call-in
Explosive Licence (Fireworks) for 1 year at J MART (Rai Fashions), Widemarsh St, Hereford. Hereford City. 15.05.23 ref: 948215/05/202315/05/2023Not for call-in
To initiate possession proceedings under the Mobile Homes Act 1983 to secure the eviction of three residents from the Openfields Traveller site at Bromyard. 18.04.23 ref: 948018/04/202318/04/2023Not for call-in
Landlords consent for tenant’s alterations at Hinton Community Centre, Hereford ref: 947910/05/202310/05/2023Not for call-in
Granting of a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) Licence in Baysham Street, Hereford. Greyfriars. 11.05.23 ref: 947811/05/202311/05/2023Not for call-in
Landlords consent for tenant’s alterations at Canal Road Day Care Centre, Hereford ref: 947710/05/202310/05/2023Not for call-in
Decision to extend the Child Protection and Court Teams contract ref: 947631/03/202331/03/2023Not for call-in
To revoke Tree Preservation Order 221 Brook Meadow Whitbourne ref: 948824/04/202324/04/2023Not for call-in
To confirm Tree Preservation Order 669 Mount Pleasant, Wigmore ref: 948710/05/202310/05/2023Not for call-in
To make provisional Tree Preservation Order 673 Breinton Lee Hereford ref: 948624/04/202324/04/2023Not for call-in
To make provisional Tree Preservation Order 672 Kyrle Place Ross on Wye ref: 948509/02/202309/02/2023Not for call-in
Social Worker (Degree) Apprenticeships ref: 948328/04/202328/04/2023Not for call-in
Decision to spend from the Property Services Estates Capital Works Programme on Improvement works at Widemarsh Children’s Centre. ref: 948103/03/202303/03/2023Not for call-in
Decision to support families with children entitled to free school meals by providing a food vouchers during the May half term period. ref: 947515/05/202315/05/2023Not for call-in
Decision to vary the Schools Capital Maintenance Programme’s consultant contract to manage the delivery of Capital Works carried forward from 2022/2023 and to approve delegated authority to Service Director to take Contract award operational de ref: 947406/04/202306/04/2023Not for call-in
To approve the proposal to change the age range at Ashfield Park Primary School from 3-11 to 2-11 from 1 September 2023 ref: 947308/05/202308/05/2023Not for call-in
To approve the proposal to add an autism base at Leominster Primary School, Earl Mortimer College and Aylestone School, from 1 September 2023 ref: 947208/05/202308/05/2023Not for call-in
Approval for new and updated HR policies ref: 947115/05/202315/05/2023Not for call-in