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The Nolan Principles pdf icon PDF 6 KB

Welcome and apologies


Board Membership

·         Proposal to accept Martin Williams resignation from the NFU rep role

·         Proposal to accept Sarah Faulkner’s Nomination to the NFU rep role

·         Proposal to accept Martin Williams Nomination to the vacant Farm Herefordshire role

·         Proposal to accept the resignation of Helen Stace from HWT

·         Proposal to accept the nomination of Jamie Audsley from HWT


Notes and matters arising from last time pdf icon PDF 278 KB

Action: A second letter to be sent out on behalf of the Board to DEFRA to request data from its inventory on livestock numbers, specifically the numbers of chickens, in the Herefordshire catchment area. [Action by: RJ)


Recommendation: Chairs of TAG Working Groups to be brought forward by 29 July 2022 [Action by: all of group]


Action: Powys Cllr to provided details of the equivalent to Farm Herefordshire in Powys. [Action by: Cllr Jackie Charlton


Action: CM to circulate latest version of the Catchment sensitive farming evaluation report. [Action by: CM]


Action: GW to bring information relating to WEIF, Project TARA, tree planting initiatives and phosphate bound in sediment data to the board as part of the Evidence working group remit. [Action by: GW]


Action:  ES would like enforcement process mapped out, with an overview of the problems involved in progressing certain cases. [Action by: GW]


Action: AW to provide detailed update on pig farm visits. [Action by: AW]


Action: CM to go back and get information and data on ammonia added. [Action by: CM]


Action: AW to follow up with WPZ proposal response with Welsh Minister. [Action by: AW]



Led by: Chair


Update from TAG pdf icon PDF 93 KB


Led by: [Hayley Fleming]


Updates from Partners pdf icon PDF 112 KB

Updates of recent actions and activities undertaken by partners of the board:


1: Natural England

2: Environment Agency

3: Herefordshire Council

4: NRW Update

Additional documents:


Regulation - Including Farming Rules for Water


Citizen Science Presentation pdf icon PDF 3 MB

Soil sampling in the Garren Catchment.


A report on some novel citizen science commissioned by the Wye Salmon Association (WSA) and delivered with help from The Countryside Charity (CPRE).


Led by: Stuart Smith and Gordon Green



Public questions

To provide the opportunity to members of the public attending the meeting to ask questions of the statutory partners.

Led by: All



By prior agreement with the Chair.


Date of next meeting

[21 December 2-5pm]