Meeting attendance

Friday 24 September 2021 9.30 am, Herefordshire schools forum

Venue:   online meeting

Contact:    Sarah Buffrey, Governance Services

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance Attendance comment
David Bennett Academies Member Present
Christine Bryan Academies Member Expected
Pat Burbidge Archdiocese of Cardiff Member Expected
Julie Cohn Academy Special School Representative Chairperson Apologies
Alex Davies Academies Member Apologies
Nicki Emmett Academies Member Present
Nicki Gilbert LA Special Schools Member Present
Malcolm Green Officer Present
Georgie Griffin Secondary Governors Member Apologies, sent representative
Edward Gwillim 16-19 Providers Member Present
Alexia Heath Officer Expected
Joe Hedges Primary Governors Member Present
Martin Henton LA Maintained Secondary Schools Member Apologies
Ali Jackson Early Years Representative Member Expected
Sue Jenkins Local Authority Maintained Primary School Member Expected
Paul Jennings Academies Member Present
Steve Kendrick Local Authority Maintained Primary School (with Nursery) Member Present
Tim Knapp Academies Member Apologies
Tracey Kneale Local Authority Maintained Primary School Member Apologies
Les Knight Officer Apologies
Chris Lewandowski Trade Unions Member Present
Sian Lines Diocese of Hereford Member Apologies
Rose Lloyd Early Years Member Present
Norman Moon Local Authority Maintained Primary Schools Member Apologies
Paul Deneen Trade Unions Member Present
Kathy Weston Local Authority Maintained Primary School Vice-chairperson Present