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Effectively Repair The Roads In and Around Ross On Wye

We the undersigned petition the council to Effectively repair the roads in and around Ross On Wye. The B and unclassified roads in and around Ross On Wye up to a 4 mile radius have continually had ineffectual repairs over the last three years. These roads now need to be fully underpinned and properly Fully resurfaced

The recent disaster in the centre of Ross On Wye is a culmination of poor roads and drainage maintenance, lack of oversight of utility work by Herefordshire council and heavy rain. The latter is not the principal cause of this or many other problems on the roads around Ross On Wye. It is a lack of spending on maintenance and oversight of sub-standard contractors work. This now needs significant and immediate work to remediate the main road issues people local to Ross On Wye face.

This ePetition runs from 13/05/2024 to 24/06/2024.

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