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Change zebra crossing to pelican crossing

We the undersigned petition the council to Change the zebra crossing located on Westfaling Street, by the Pharmacy, Scout hut and park, to a pelican crossing.

On the evening of Tuesday 27/02/24 a teenage girl got hit by a car, along with her puppy, witnessed by her younger sister and mother. The car initially slowed, but then failed to stop, striking the puppy head on with its front bumper and also the legs of the 16 year old and ran over her foot as she crossed the zebra crossing. From social media coverage of this incident it has become apparent that this is not an isolated incident and speeding traffic and cars not stopping at this crossing is putting lives at risk. It is only a matter of time before someone is killed on this stretch of the road. There is a doctors surgery, pharmacy, scout hut, bike park and play equipment park all on the opposite side to resident's homes. Traffic frequently speeds along this road to ‘jump the traffic’ on the adjacent Whitecross Road. Pedestrians have complained that cars do not stop and have almost been hit by vehicles ignoring the zebra crossing currently in place. A pelican crossing would help pedestrians feel more confident when crossing this busy road.

This ePetition ran from 27/02/2024 to 22/04/2024 and has now finished.

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Council response

Change Zebra Crossing to a Pelican Crossing Petition

Thank you for raising your concerns around the crossing point by the doctors surgery and the incident involving the young teenager and her puppy.

Reviewing existing police collision data the council hold, we have no records of incidents relating to the crossing, we are yet to receive the detail in regards to the incident referenced in the petition though this may still come in from the Police. The incident referred to may be one that the police are investigating, the description in the information implies the vehicle movement may be one for enforcement due to illegal or inappropriate driving.

The council doesn’t have any information or evidence to suggest the crossing is a problem or needs to be upgraded, we will inspect and ensure the condition of the crossing is as it should be.

Unfortunately, with the current funding challenges for Herefordshire, we have to prioritise expenditure to essential asset maintenance and interventions in areas with the highest number of incidents.

The council will monitor the site to ensure the condition is to standard and safety isn’t compromised.