Forthcoming decisions
Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Allocate and Spend Supercycle Highway Funding on Delivery of Active Travel Measures13/12/2022For DeterminationBefore 17/02/2023
Children’s Social Care Out Of Hours Emergency Duty Service19/01/2023For Determination24/02/2023
Renewal of Capita Pay360 Income Management Contract19/01/2023For Determination27/01/2023
Independent Reviewing Officers (IRO) Annual Report 2021/202217/01/2023For Determination14/02/2023
Permanent replacement of one polling station16/01/2023For Determination10/02/2023
Temporary replacement of one polling station16/01/2023For DeterminationBefore 21/02/2023
Adoption of the Orcop neighbourhood plan and consequential updates to the countywide policies map13/01/2023For Determination17/02/2023
Adoption of the Stoke Lacy neighbourhood plan and consequential updates to the countywide policies map13/01/2023For Determination17/02/2023
Progress report on internal audit activity13/01/2023For Determination30/01/2023
Update on Whistleblowing Policy12/01/2023For Determination30/01/2023
Property services planned and reactive maintenance programme 2023/2410/01/2023For Determination28/02/2023
Herefordshire's co-ordinated admissions arrangements for 2024/202510/01/2023For DeterminationBefore 28/02/2023
Corporate Risk Register10/01/2023For Determination30/01/2023
New Herefordshire Local Transport Plan09/01/2023For Determination02/03/2023
Eastern River Crossing and Link Road09/01/2023For Determination02/03/2023
Overview of signposting and accessibility to services06/01/2023For Determination23/01/2023
Property services estates capital building improvement programme 2023/2506/01/2023For Determination01/03/2023
Anti-Fraud, Bribery & Corruption Annual Report05/01/2023For Determination30/01/2023
Scrutiny Development 2022-202303/01/2023For Determination09/01/2023
Scrutiny Report: Review of the Human Resources and Workforce Strategy03/01/2023For Determination17/01/2023
2023/24 Council Tax Reduction Scheme29/12/2022For Determination10/02/2023
2022-23 Quarter 2 Budget and Performance Report29/12/2022For Determination09/01/2023
Treasury Management Strategy 2023/24-2026/27 and Minimum Revenue Provision Review29/12/2022For Determination09/01/2023