Forthcoming decisions
Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
High Needs Budget 2024/2520/09/2023For Determination29/03/2024
Schools Budget 2024/2520/09/2023For Determination26/01/2024
City Greening (part of the Hereford City Centre Improvements (HCCI))20/09/2023For Determination11/10/2023
Local and National Schools Funding Update19/09/2023For Determination20/10/2023
Corporate Asset Review19/09/2023For Determination01/12/2023
Special Educational Needs and/or Disability Action Plan19/09/2023For Determination26/09/2023
To Spend Changing Places Grant Funding15/09/2023For Determination25/08/2023
Adoption of the Herefordshire Minerals & Waste Local Plan15/09/2023For Determination25/01/2024
2024/25 Capital Investment Budget and Capital Strategy Update15/09/2023For Determination25/01/2024
2022/23 Financial Statement Audit Progress15/09/2023For Determination27/09/2023
Launch of Herefordshire's Joint Local Health and Wellbeing Strategy12/09/2023For Determination25/09/2023
Health and Wellbeing Board Terms of Reference12/09/2023For Determination25/09/2023
Families Commission12/09/2023For Determination26/09/2023
Housing Benefit Risk Based Verification Policy12/09/2023For Determination28/09/2023
River water pollution07/09/2023For Determination25/09/2023
2024/25 Capital Investment Budget and Capital Strategy Update05/09/2023For Determination09/02/2024
Public realm contract extension 202305/09/2023For Determination26/10/2023
Adoption of the Herefordshire Minerals & Waste Local Plan05/09/2023For Determination08/03/2024
Workforce Strategy 2024-2027 - Development and Consultation23/08/2023For Determination19/09/2023
Dormant Company Status - Balfour Beatty Living Places21/08/2023For Determination26/10/2023
Procurement of new waste collection service - update21/08/2023For Determination05/10/2023
Marches Forward Partnership Memorandum of Understanding18/08/2023For Determination28/09/2023
Winter Service 2023/2411/08/2023For DeterminationBefore 30/09/2023
Capital Programme Review and Update03/08/2023For Determination05/10/2023
High Needs Capital Grant: Hampton Dene Primary School, Extension of Learning Communication Centre03/08/2023For Determination28/09/2023
Hereford Public Art Strategy03/08/2023For Determination21/12/2023
Wye Valley Trust (WVT) Investment Partnership Model03/08/2023For Determination25/01/2024
Herefordshire and Worcestershire Group Training Association Ltd (HWGTA) Investment Partnership Model03/08/2023For Determination23/11/2023
Local Authority Lottery Scheme01/08/2023For Determination23/11/2023
Q1 Budget and Performance Report24/07/2023For Determination28/09/2023
Review Of The Full Business Case For The Shirehall As A Location For The Future Of Hereford City Library26/07/2023For Determination26/10/2023
Q3 Budget and Performance Report25/07/2023For Determination22/02/2024
Q2 Budget and Performance Report25/07/2023For Determination23/11/2023
Local Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Main Grant28/06/2023For Determination29/09/2023
Recommissioning of Herefordshire Intensive Support Service (HIPSS)22/06/2023For Determination09/10/2023
Report to identify options to deliver registered residential children home provision in county for children and young people aged 11-1808/06/2023For Determination23/11/2023
Commissioning of the Herefordshire NHS Health Checks Service08/06/2023For Determination13/10/2023
All Age Carers Strategy08/06/2023For Determination28/03/2024
Herefordshire and Worcestershire All Age Autism Strategy08/06/2023For Determination21/12/2023
New care facility08/06/2023For Determination12/02/2024
Delivery Plan 2023/2419/05/2023For Determination26/10/2023
Objectives for New Herefordshire Local Transport Plan19/05/2023For Determination26/10/2023
Acquisition of a strategic property in Hereford to deliver affordable housing04/05/2023For Determination31/10/2023
Thrive Transformation Programme - commissioning of support for invest to save projects01/03/2023UrgentFor Determination23/10/2023
2023 to 2027 Capital Investment in Managing Ash Die Back in Herefordshire23/02/2023For Determination16/10/2023
2023 to 2027 Capital Investment in Highways Infrastructure23/02/2023For Determination09/10/2023