Forthcoming decisions
Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
The policy, prioritisation and delivery of section 106 funding09/02/2024For Determination27/02/2024
Public Realm Services Annual Plan 2024 - 202508/02/2024For Determination29/03/2024
Guidance on Performance & Decision Making for Cyber Quarter Ltd and Hoople Ltd08/02/2024For Determination19/02/2024
Recommendations of the Environment and Sustainability Scrutiny Committee: Nutrient Management Board06/02/2024For Determination29/02/2024
Highway Maintenance Plan02/02/2024For Determination22/03/2024
Resurfacing Herefordshire Highways01/02/2024For Determination15/03/2024
Additional Department for Transport Highways Maintenance Funding 2023/24 & 2024/2501/02/2024For Determination15/03/2024
Community-based support services – recommendations from Health, Care and Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee01/02/2024For Determination29/02/2024
Council Tax Premiums on Second Homes & Empty Properties30/01/2024For Determination09/02/2024
Marches Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) Transfer Agreement25/01/2024For Determination07/03/2024
Student Accommodation in Hereford City25/01/2024For Determination12/03/2024
Q3 Budget Report19/01/2024For Determination29/02/2024
External Audit Progress Report and Sector Update19/01/2024For Determination30/01/2024
Children and Young People directorate budget task and finish group19/01/2024For Determination23/01/2024
Internal Audit Update Report Quarter 3 2023-2418/01/2024For Determination30/01/2024
Update to Finance and Contract Procedure Rules18/01/2024For Determination30/01/2024
External Auditor's Annual Report 2022/2318/01/2024For Determination30/01/2024
Community Based Support Services17/01/2024For Determination29/01/2024
2024/25 Council Tax Reduction Scheme17/01/2024For Determination09/02/2024
Unpaid Carers Strategy17/01/2024For Determination23/05/2024