Forthcoming decisions
Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Children and Young persons’ Improvement Plan – progress update03/04/2024For Determination27/06/2024
2023/24 Draft Statement of Accounts03/04/2024For Determination11/06/2024
Draft Annual Governance Statement 2023/2403/04/2024For Determination11/06/2024
Quarter 4 Budget Report03/04/2024For Determination16/05/2024
Grant acceptance and purchase of accommodation to address gaps in homelessness pathway provision: additional funding02/04/2024For Determination16/05/2024
Herefordshire All Age Carers Strategy 2024-2029 (previously known as 'All Age Carers Strategy')28/03/2024For Determination18/07/2024
Traffic Signal Obsolescence Grant and Green Light Fund25/03/2024For Determination25/04/2024
Internal Audit Update Report Quarter 4 2023/2418/03/2024For Determination26/03/2024
External auditor's draft annual plan 2023/2415/03/2024For Determination26/03/2024
Work Programme 2024/2515/03/2024For Determination25/03/2024
Managing risk across the council15/03/2024For Determination26/03/2024
Internal Audit Planning Paper 2024/2515/03/2024For Determination26/03/2024
Update on outcomes of Care Quality Commission Inspection of Herefordshire and Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust14/03/2024For Determination25/03/2024
Statutory accounts 2023/24 progress, accounting policies and estimates13/03/2024For Determination26/03/2024
Hoople Ltd11/03/2024For Determination19/03/2024
Household Support Fund 507/03/2024For Determination15/05/2024
Herefordshire SACRE Agreed Syllabus Review 202407/03/2024For Determination15/03/2024