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Children's Improvement Plan Transformation Funding - Tranche Two

24/11/2022 - Children's Improvement Plan Transformation Funding - Tranche Two



a)    Cabinet authorise the drawdown of tranche two funding as per the cabinet decision in March 2022 up to the value of £6.49m which is being funded from the Financial Resilience Reserve;

b)    Cabinet receive this report on progress of the children’s transformation journey as requested in the March 2022 cabinet upon drawing tranche two funding;

c)    Cabinet authorise delegation to the Corporate Director for Children and Young People in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Children’s and Family Services, and Young People’s Attainment; the Cabinet Member for Finance, Corporate Services and Planning; and the council’s Director for Resources and Assurance to take all operational decisions relating to the further £6.49m of funding available;

d)    Cabinet receive a further update on the precise allocation of tranche 2 funding in the new year of 2023 which will reflect up-to-date priorities and focus in light of the Ofsted Improvement Action Plan currently in development and also the recommendations of the Commissioner for Children’s Services, expected to be submitted to the Secretary of State in December.