Issue - decisions

2022/23 Budget setting

31/01/2022 - 2022/23 Budget setting

a)    That cabinet approve the responses to scrutiny committee recommendations set out in the supplementary paper; and


b)    That the following be recommended to Council:


               i.                  The council tax base of 70,252.52 Band D equivalents in 2022/23;

              ii.                  an increase in core council tax in 2022/23 of 1.99%;

            iii.                  an additional precept in respect of adult social care costs of 1% applied to council tax in 2022/23 resulting in a total council tax increase of 2.99%, increasing the band D charge from £1,652.30 to £1,701.70 for Herefordshire Council in 2022/23;

            iv.                  the balanced 2022/23 revenue budget proposal totalling £175.1m, subject to any amendments approved at the meeting, specifically the net spending limits for each directorate as at appendix C, amended to include the additional funding proposals of £500k to be added to the discretionary Housing Payment scheme budget and £296k to be added to general reserves;

              v.                  the use of the new service grant one off funding in 2022/23 to support the economy and environment three year savings delivery plan;

            vi.                  to use the one off collection fund surplus of £1.3m to fund property services budget costs in 2022/23;

           vii.                  delegates to the section 151 officer the power to make necessary changes to the budget arising from any variations in central government funding allocations via general reserves;

         viii.                  the medium term financial strategy (MTFS) 2022-25 at appendix A;

            ix.                  the treasury management strategy at appendix D be approved.