Issue - decisions

Programme Change to Fastershire Delivery

18/11/2021 - Programme Change to Fastershire Delivery


a)    A Stage 6 is introduced to the Fastershire programme for premises to be part of Project Gigabit (areas as outlined in appendix 1) to include descoping 2,324 premises within the contract with Gigaclear;

b)    For Stage 5 programmes to be extended to support households, businesses and communities with criteria agreed in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Economy and Environment, including:

·       The community broadband programme to have an increased value for money threshold of £7k per premise with allowance of up to £10k to link communities

·       A new broadband business programme with a grant allocation of up to £20k per premise with 20% contribution from the beneficiary

·       Household grant be introduced from February 2022 for the 2,324 relevant premises affected by the descope from the Gigaclear contract;

c)    Clawback due in March 2022 from the original contract with BT is invested in the Stage 5 programmes for households, communities and businesses with delegated authority to the Chief Finance Officer in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Economy and Environment to amend the grant funding element of this project in the capital programme in line with the income received;

d)    Remaining Lots within the Gigaclear contracts are extended to completion dates of:

Lot 4: June 2022
Lot 2/3c: December 2022; and

e)    The Assistant Director Corporate Support be authorised to take all operational decisions necessary to implement the above recommendations subject to agreement with Gloucestershire County Council regarding their element of the programme.