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Application for grant of a premises licence in respect of 'Novellos Pool Bar & Sports Loft', 57 Commercial Street, Hereford, HR1 2DJ - Licensing Act 2003

To consider an application for a grant of a premises licence in respect of Novellos Pool Bar & Sports Loft under the Licensing Act 2003.


Members of the licensing sub-committee from the Council’s Planning and Regulatory Committee considered the above application, full details of which appeared before the members in their agenda. A supplement containing agreed conditions was published on 13 January 2023.


Prior to the sub-committee making their decision, the Council’s Licensing Officer presented the report which outlined the options available to the sub-committee. A representation had been received from West Mercia Police but had been withdrawn following agreement of conditions to be applied to the licence. One (1) relevant public representation had been received from Close House Youth Centre. The agreed conditions had been shared with the objector but they had not withdrawn their objection. The proposed Designated Premises Supervisor had not been granted a personal licence at the time the report was produced.


The sub-committee heard from the objector that:

·       The premises  were immediately next door to the entrance to the youth centre;

·       The youth centre were very concerned that the young people they worked with, many of whom were vulnerable and had lived or were living in homes where they were exposed to problem drinking and drug taking, would be uncomfortable walking past the entrance and smoking area because of the proximity to unknown and unsupervised adults;

·       The youth centre had had to work hard to establish a positive relationship with the other neighbouring premises, which also had a licence, and had arranged for the separation of the outside spaces;

·       There was concern about the historic reputation of the brand name and also the risks of exploitation of the young people accessing the youth centre services.



The sub-committee then heard from the applicant’s representative that:

·       The premises had previously been licenced and had operated as such for some 50 years;

·       No objections had been received from responsible authorities with the exception of the police, who had withdrawn their objection following agreement of revised conditions;

·       The applicants had met with the manager of the youth centre and offered to provide screening to the smoking area and a tailored exclusion policy to ensure vulnerable users of the youth centre were not admitted to the licenced premises;

·       The applicants were committed to upholding the licensing objective to protect children from harm and that if the agreed conditions were applied faithfully it should be possible to operate the youth centre services next door;

·       The historical reputation of the premises was not a valid consideration and neither applicant had anything to do with the incident referenced in the written submission relating to a different premises previously owned by them.



Following questions from the sub-committee, it was confirmed that discussions had taken place with the neighbouring licenced premises, who were excited that there would be additional footfall in the area. The applicants were hopeful that they could establish a good relationship with the youth centre and would continue to talk with them and indicated that they still wanted to offer the conditions previously offered to the youth centre.



The sub-committee carefully considered all the representations, reports and evidence before them. They have had regard to their duties under S4 of the Licensing Act and considered guidance issued under s182 of the Licensing Act 2003 and Herefordshire Council’s Statement of Licensing Policy 2020 - 2025. 





The sub-committee’s decision is to approve the application as applied for with the revised conditions which were published on 13 January 2023.





The sub-committee had taken into account the written representations and the information presented to the sub-committee and fully recognised the concerns raised and the reasons why the representations were made, however the sub-committee considered the application with agreed conditions will promote the licensing objectives.


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