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Adults and wellbeing scrutiny committee

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Information about Adults and wellbeing scrutiny committee

Scrutiny is a statutory role fulfilled by councillors who are not members of the cabinet.


The role of the scrutiny committees is to help develop policy, to carry out reviews of council and other local services, and to hold decision makers to account for their actions and decisions.


The remit of the adults and wellbeing scrutiny committee includes scrutiny of:

·             Adult social care (including adult safeguarding)

·             Health and wellbeing board

·             Housing

·             Public health

·             Adults and communities budget and policy framework

·             Statutory health scrutiny powers including the review and scrutiny of any matter relating to the planning provision and operation of health services (not reserved to the children and young people scrutiny committee) affecting the area and to make reports and recommendations on these matters.


The council’s constitution sets out the basic rules governing the scrutiny committees, including composition and role, functions, and procedures.


Members of the public can get involved by attending a meeting in public, asking a question at a meeting in public and by suggesting a topic for scrutiny.