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Managing risk across the council

Meeting: 26/03/2024 - Audit and Governance Committee (Item 87)

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To consider the report outlining how the council currently manages risk and note any opportunities for improvement.



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The Director of Public Health (DPH) introduced the report, the principal points were highlighted:


1.     The councils risk management policy was last adopted in 2020.

2.     The policy would be reviewed and streamlined to provide more clarity and consensus.

3.     A draft risk management policy would be brought before the committee in six months’ time.

4.     Recognition was given that there had been some short falls in the councils approach to risk management against actions previously identified and that progress had not been as quick as was hoped.

5.     Attention was drawn to Appendix 2, Corporate Risk Register as at the end of quarter 3.


In response to committee questions, it was noted:


      I.         The Head of Corporate Performance (HCP) provided the committee with an overview of the process for managing and rating risks.

     II.         The DPH recognised the committee’s comments around the complex process and confirms he intends to streamline the process and provide more clarity to ensure the council is managing risk more effectively. 

   III.         The HCP explained new risks are normally notifed by the Director and that as soon as they are made aware of a risk, it is added on to the register with the actions that are needed to mitigate that risk.

   IV.         A gap was identified in terms of the councils risk register and whether it aligned with the national risk register.

    V.         The Director of Continuous Improvement (SWAP) offered their assistance in helping to fill that gap as they regularly reviewed other local authority risk registers as part of their audit work and could help to identify areas not included on our register.



That the committee notes the report and recommends the process for managing risk is streamlined and provides better consensus to ensure effective risk management.