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Q2 Performance Report

Meeting: 21/12/2023 - Cabinet (Item 75)

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To review the performance for Quarter 2 2023/24 and to report the performance position across all Directorates for this period.


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The Cabinet member for Environment introduced the report and highlighted achievements notably within waste the new procurement process is going ahead and the new provider will be selected.  Also, the home upgrade grant is making good progress, beryl and cargo bikes are going well, the wetlands are producing credits and the council were able to release planning permission for 185 homes from this with confirmation of funding received to create a second wetland.  It was noted that planning enforcement notices doubled and building control won a local authority building control regional award


Cabinet Members discussed the report and it was noted that all performance measures in community wellbeing are on target for this quarter.  In respect of roads and regulatory services the cabinet member highlighted that the briefing for the future operating model for the public realm contract was received positively by Balfour Beatty, the repair of dangerous pot holes was ongoing, the road improvement work will be completed by Christmas and the KPI’s for this area are above national average. 


Group leaders gave the views of their groups. The green measures were welcomed and noted it would be helpful to have measures that are reported to the government annually, to be reported quarterly to provide in year progress as well as clarification about what the targets are for the performance measures.  Concerns were raised regarding absence of information as to what progress has been made and what evidence there was in support.  Also, concerns were noted about insufficient and inconsistent information in the report, notably whether the digital household grant scheme was ending, why the decarbonisation of schools is marked as green without the necessary evidence, why there is no information about ending the school travel and taxi decarbonisation projects, there is conflicting information regarding the wetlands projects from what was said today and inconsistent information regarding the Keep Herefordshire Warm measure and how its performed. A further concern was raised regarding risk assessments, what will be done to address those risks and why there were no risks recorded in the corporate section of the report. 


Queries were raised regarding why the quarterly budget and performance reports were separated, and who is the purchaser in respect of the sale of Council owned land. 


In response to the queries it was noted that the next budget and performance quarterly reports will be on the same agenda but still shown as separate reports.  Confirmed that how the quality of the performance data is captured will be reviewed. Clarification in writing will be provided to Councillor Chowns regarding the concerns raised. Lastly, regarding the sales of land, no information can be provided until the sale is concluded. 


It was unanimously resolved that;


a)    To review the performance for Quarter 2 year 2023/24, and identify any additional actions to achieve future performance measures.