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Capital Programme Review and Update

Meeting: 23/11/2023 - Cabinet (Item 57)

57 Capital Programme Review and Update pdf icon PDF 223 KB

To recommend to Council for approval the revised cabinet proposals for the proposed capital investment budget for 2023/24 onwards.


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The Cabinet member for finance and corporate services introduced the report, the principal points were raised.


The report is to revise proposals for in year changes to the approved Capital programme.  Which include £2m for a community grants scheme to support investment in Talk Community hubs.  This will be funded by reducing the £12.3m previously proposed for the Southern Link Road by £2m to £10.3m.  Noted that Appendix A had been updated to reflect the revised changes and Appendix C included the amendments to be recommended to Council.  Confirmed that outline Strategic business cases for each of these items will be provided prior to Council on 8 December 2023.


There were no comments from Cabinet members. 


Group leaders gave the views of their groups. The allocation of funds for community groups to bid for capital funding was welcomed and similar approach was requested for the Retrofit Hub.  Concerns were raised regarding the lack of business case in support of the figures in the Capital Programme and more detail was required.  Clarification was sought regarding why projects were removed from the Capital Programme in the first place and whether the Eastern route was still being considered.


In response to queries it was noted that:

The consultant’s report regarding Eastern River Crossing has shown it is more expensive than anticipated. It will be progressed, along with the Southern Link Road, to establish if there is a business case for it. 


In respect of the community grants it was important that the initiative was reviewed, and the funding for the scheme was withdrawn from the Capital Programme because the review hadn’t been carried out.  However, it became clear that there was a requirement for communities to be supported with capital initiatives and this provided greater clarity for how community groups could bid for funding.  


In response to business cases it was confirmed that the strategic outline business case will have meaningful information to enable Council members to vote. 


It was unanimously resolved that;


a)     To approve the revised capital programme for 2023/24 attached at appendix C