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Joint Local Health and Wellbeing Strategy

Meeting: 26/06/2023 - Health and Wellbeing Board (Item 23)

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To update the Health and Wellbeing Board on the implementation of the new Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy


The Director of Public Health provided a brief report on the Joint Local Health and Wellbeing Strategy to update the board on the strategy. The principal points included:


  1. The strategy was endorsed by the board in April and a new version of the strategy is being developed which should be available by end of June.
  2. Work has been taking place on governance on the two core priorities including the best start in life which the Children and Young People partnership will be accountable for the delivery.
  3. A workshop was held last week to work through what issues should be focused on the most – including child obesity, trauma informed practice, and access to NHS services.
  4. An early-years partnership group sits below that as a sub-group which works on what best start in life looks at.
  5. Some of the existing groups will be absorbed in the Children and Young People partnership which will help consolidate some of the governance and help deliver the children improvement priority going forward.
  6. With respect to mental wellbeing, there is an mental health collaborative where two groups lead on mental wellbeing – 1. Adult Mental Health partnership, 2. Children Emotional Health partnership board.
  7. The Adult Mental Health partnership is currently an advocacy sharing best practice networking but are keen to be more action-oriented and develop a delivery plan for mental wellbeing.
  8. A following workshop for that partnership will take place on the 6th July.
  9. The Children Emotional Health partnership will feed into the Children and Young People partnership and focuses on the NHS long term plan.
  10. The aim is to bring a draft plan to the board later in the year on both of the strategy’s priorities including the identified resources to support those priorities with a plan that can be regularly monitored which the One Herefordshire partnership will have oversight over.
  11. The Mental Health collaborative executive approved funding for a suicide prevention coordinator who will be appointed and will sit in the public health team.
  12. An outcomes framework is being looked at for the two core priority areas which focuses on logic models including what the intended outcomes are, what the indicators are, and what actions are wanted to deliver these.
  13. The Health and Wellbeing Strategy event is taking place on July 12th at Hereford Racecourse and will cover what the strategy entails, past achievements, and how to deliver the two core priorities within the strategy.


The Chair noted it was good news to have someone appointed as a suicide prevention coordinator.


The Director of Public Health commented that there was also work to appoint a partnership and strategies officer to support the work of the board and wider networking with the primary care networks to help drive work going forward to meet the priorities of the board as well as providing a systematic approach.


The recommendation was proposed, seconded, and unanimously approved.


Resolved that:


a)    The Board to note progress to date on work to deliver the strategy.