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Annual Governance Statement 2020-21 Actions

Meeting: 25/01/2022 - Audit and Governance Committee (Item 70)

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Based on the final version of the Annual Governance Statement agreed in September 2021 an action plan has been formed based on continuous improvement requirements.  This report provides a half year review of the actions.  The report also outlines future arrangements for producing the Annual Governance Statement.

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Further to the annual governance statement agreed on 27 September 2021 (minute 33 refers), the committee received an update on the mid-year actions and on the future arrangements for producing the annual governance statement.


The main points made during the discussion included:


i.             Action 13, Produce a Covid Recovery Plan (agenda page 87): It was questioned how the recovery plan would link to wider resilience plans, particularly in terms of adult social care.  The director of resources and assurance said that this would be queried with the relevant officers.


ii.            Significant Partnerships (agenda page 82): It was questioned whether the relevant portfolio holder should be included in the significant partnerships self-assessment forms.  The director of governance and law advised that the partnership governance framework was to be reviewed, as shown in Action 8 (agenda page 86).


iii.          The chairperson noted the key on status (with each action marked as complete, part complete or not complete) and commented that, in view of the number of actions, it was difficult to ascertain which actions should have more priority than others.


iv.          Action 21, Promotion of becoming a council member reflective of flexibility with increased virtual meetings (agenda page 88): the chairperson noted that statement that ‘remote meeting regulations have not continued in operation’ and the status of this action and others could be further reviewed.


v.           The vice-chairperson considered that there should be more information included in the ‘evidence of complete’ to reflect the work being undertaken and progress made; as an example, attention was drawn to Action 16, Implement improvement plan for value for money on the public realm contract (agenda page 87) which stated ‘Improvement board overseeing improvement process’.


vi.          Noting that some actions would be undertaken in the longer term, the chairperson said that an anticipated date by which each action should be completed could focus management attention and suggested that the chief executive’s management board be invited to consider whether this would be helpful.


Resolved:      That


a)           the mid-year actions based on the identified continuous improvement points in the 2020-21 annual governance statement be noted; and


b)          the arrangements for the 2021-22 annual governance statement be noted.




Action 140      With reference to Action 13, an update be provided on how the Covid Recovery Plan will link to wider resilience plans, particularly in terms of adult social care.


Action 141      That the chief executive’s management board be invited to consider whether the senior action leads should be asked to include projected anticipated dates for completion, particularly to ensure that the position with longer term actions is clear.