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Whistleblowing policy review

Meeting: 24/11/2021 - Audit and Governance Committee (Item 58)

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To review the council’s whistleblowing policy.


The committee considered a report on the council’s whistleblowing policy.


The solicitor to the council introduced the report and explained that: the policy had been revised in October 2020 following recommendations from this committee’s working group; a staff panel had been convened to understand how the policy was perceived and being used in the council, and this had provided useful feedback; and it was important to spend time on workplace culture and embedding the policy.


There was a discussion about the negative connotations from the word ‘whistleblowing’ which could be a barrier to staff engaging with the process and the challenge of identifying an alternative title with a commonly understood meaning.  It was suggested that alternative titles be explored with staff and relevant organisations.


Attention was drawn to the suggestion identified in the report (agenda page 272) that ‘the monitoring officer undertakes an awareness campaign addressing the barriers listed above and report back to the committee what work has been achieved in 9 months’ time’ but it was considered that this could be aligned with the annual policy review in 12 months’ time.




a)           consideration be given to the title of the policy, with the solicitor to the council authorised to change it if necessary following further research and consultation; and


b)          a report on progress with the policy be provided as part of the annual policy review in 12 months’ time.