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SACRE Membership

Meeting: 12/03/2021 - Standing advisory council for religious education (SACRE) (Item 16)


To undertake a review of the membership of SACRE and consider additional members.

Additional documents:


SACRE considered a report by the Clerk to the Committee concerning the membership of SACRE.


The position of a representative of other faiths as a whole was raised and whether it should be retained in Group A.


The details of religious identification in Herefordshire from the previous census in 2011 were considered out of date and details from the 2021 census would help SACRE determine appropriate representatives on its membership. The results of the 2021 census would not however be known until 2023.


The potential inclusion of a Humanist representative on SACRE was discussed and the proportion of SACREs across England and Wales with such a representative. The Humanist representative on Gloucestershire SACRE was raised and the non-religious perspective provided on the committee. It was commented that Humanism represented one part of the much broader non-religious worldview.


The growth of the Monrovian Church in Ledbury and the role of the Free Church representative on Group A to represent Christian denominations beyond the Church of England and Roman Catholic was discussed.


Consideration of the SACRE constitution as a whole, including the membership, would take place at the next meeting. Any changes to the membership could be deferred until the next meeting.