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Tracking of internal audit recommendations

Meeting: 29/11/2017 - Audit and Governance Committee (Item 250)

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To review progress in implementation of audit recommendations.

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The directorate service team leader presented the report and highlighted:


·                We had previously reported to committee in May that there were 25 overdue recommendations up to the end of March. 20 of these are now being reported as completed with 5 still outstanding.

·                For those 86 recommendations first due between 1 April and 30 September 2017, 65 have been completed. Of the 21 recommendations still In progress, 4 are priority 4.


A member noted that most of actions due to be completed by March 2018 had slipped more than once.    If a date has been revised, it should be marked overdue.   It was further noted that with regard to the priority 4 Deprivation of Liberties actions, the committee had been assured that actions were being progress and there were still actions outstanding from January 2017.   The directorate services team leader agreed to raise this with colleagues within the adults and wellbeing directorate. 


The committee were pleased with the progress being made but noted that the management responses needed to ensure that the dates were realistic. 


The directorate services team leader agreed to ascertain whether further detail about S106 funding by ward could be provided.  


Councillor RJ Phillips left the meeting at 15:58




That the report be noted.


The meeting adjourned at 15:59.