Committee details

Health and wellbeing board

Purpose of committee

Herefordshire Health and Wellbeing Board (HWB) is established by virtue of S194 of the Health and Social Care Act 2012 (the 2012 Act).  It is taken to be a Committee appointed by Herefordshire Council under S102 of the Local Government Act 1972 by virtue of the 2012 Act.

Its statutory functions are as follows:


·         To encourage those who arrange the provision of any health or social care services in Herefordshire to work in an integrated manner for the purpose of advancing the health and wellbeing of the people of Herefordshire


·         To provide such advice, assistance or other support as it thinks appropriate, for the purpose of encouraging the making of prescribed arrangements under S 75 National Health Service Act 2006


·         To encourage those who arrange for the provision of any health related services in Herefordshire to work closely with the health and wellbeing board


·         To encourage the close working of those providing health or social care services with those who arrange for the provision of health related services in Herefordshire


·         To prepare a health and social care joint strategic needs assessment (Understanding Herefordshire) for the county


·         To prepare a health & wellbeing strategy to meet those needs


·         To reviewing whether the commissioning plans and arrangements for the NHS, public health and social care (including Better Care Fund submissions) are in line with and have given due regard to the health and wellbeing strategy


·         To prepare and publish a local Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment under S206 of the 2012 Act


and additionally:

·         To give its opinion, as appropriate, to Herefordshire Council, the Clinical Commissioning group or NHS commissioning Board, as to whether they are discharging their duty to have regard to any assessment of relevant needs prepared by the Council, the Clinical Commissioning Group or NHS commission Board  in the exercise of their functions


·         To sign off annual plans and periodic performance submissions for the better care fund


In line with guidance the board will meet formally in public when the board is being asked to make decisions and deal with formal business.  Agenda papers for those meetings will be available here on the council’s website.


The guidance recognises that health and wellbeing boards across the country will also meet informally for workshops or seminar sessions and for board learning and development.  Such meetings will not appear on the website.


Annual work programme


The health and wellbeing board reviews and updates its work programme periodically during the year in order to fulfil its functions and to consider local priorities. Such revisions will be included on relevant HWB agenda for consideration. 



  • Chris Baird   
  • Ingrid Barker   
  • Russell Hardy   
  • Jo Melling   
  • Ian Stead   
  • Dr Ian Tait  (Vice-chairperson) 
  • Simon Trickett   
  • Stephen Vickers   
  • Karen Wright   

Contact information

Support officer: Ben Baugh, democratic services.

Phone: 01432 261882