Issue - decisions

New Road Strategy for Hereford

28/03/2024 - New Road Strategy for Hereford

That Cabinet:


a) Agrees to recommence progress within the existing policy frameworks of the

Hereford Western Bypass linking the A49 north and south of the city.Consisting of the Southern Link Road as Phase 1 and the Western Bypass as Phase 2 to realise the county’s strategic housing and employment land growth critical to the Herefordshire economy, as set out in the report;


b) Acknowledges the Strategic Outline Case report for the Eastern River Crossing

and Link Road;


c) Agrees to draw down and spend £10.3m of approved capital funding for Phase

1 of the Hereford Western Bypass (HWB) and £760,000 of revenue funding for

Phase 2 of the HWB as included in this report at para 102 to 107; and


d) Delegates authority to take all operational decisions during the development of

the schemes to the Corporate Director for Economy and Environment in

consultation with the Cabinet Member for Transport and Infrastructure and the

Section 151 Officer.