Issue - decisions

Hereford Transport Package (HTP)

27/07/2018 - Hereford Transport Package (HTP)


(a)  having regard to the feedback to the HTP Phase 2 consultation report, the Stage 2 Scheme Assessment Report, the Stage 2 Environmental Assessment Report, the Route Selection Report and the Preferred Route Report, the red route (as identified in Appendix 5) be approved as the preferred route for further scheme development for the Hereford bypass;

(b)  subject to approval of recommendation (a) above, a further round (phase 3) of consultation on the detailed proposals for a scheme based on the red route corridor and complementary active travel measures be undertaken to gather stakeholder feedback to assist with informing a future decision by Cabinet to confirm the route for the bypass and recommended active travel measures which will together form the Hereford Transport Package, prior to submission for planning and other necessary permissions;

(c)  the director for economy, communities and corporate be authorised to take all necessary steps to progress detailed design and, consultation including commissioning external professional advisers as required to inform future decisions on the Hereford Transport Package to a maximum cost of £2.45m;

(d)  the proposed responses (at paragraphs 58 to 61) to the recommendations of General Scrutiny Committee be approved; and

(e)  officers bring forward a report on options for supporting those who may be affected.