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Audit and Governance Committee

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Information about Audit and Governance Committee

Annual Report of the Audit and Governance Committee

The audit and governance committee comprises 7 non executive councillors and may include an independent person who is not a councillor. 

The purpose of the audit and governance committee is to provide independent assurance on the adequacy of the risk management framework together with the internal control of the financial reporting and annual governance processes.  The committee do this by

(a)        ensuring the effective and fully compliant governance of the council and in particular to ensure that all aspects of the financial affairs of the council are properly and efficiently conducted;

 (b)    reviewing and approve the council’s annual governance statement, annual statements of account, the contract procedure rules and financial procedure rules;

 (c)    scrutinise the effectiveness of, and management compliance with, the systems identified in the annual governance statement framework;

 (d)    monitor the progress made by management in implementing improvements to elements of that framework identified by external or internal audit review; and.

 (e)    reviewing the constitution and recommending any necessary amendments to Council as appropriate.

 (f)     reviewing the corporate risk register

The public can be involved by asking questions at audit and governance committee.