Forthcoming decisions
Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Keep Herefordshire Warm: One Year contract extension18/01/2018For Determination05/03/2018
Disposal of Lot 8a, Nordan Farm, Leominster, HR6 0AJ17/01/2018For Determination29/01/2018
Learning Disability Strategy16/01/2018For Determination10/05/2018
Civica application maintenance license provision16/01/2018For Determination13/02/2018
Review of service model in line with required efficiencies – Public Health – Sexual health16/01/2018For Determination01/03/2018
Review of service model in line with required efficiencies – Public Health – Substance Misuse16/01/2018For Determination01/03/2018
Equipment and adaptions, assessments and reviews for disabled children16/01/2018For Determination13/02/2018
Public realm annual plan 2018/1916/01/2018For Determination01/03/2018
Transport Policy for Adults and wellbeing16/01/2018For Determination10/04/2018
High Needs Budget 2018/1916/01/2018For Determination27/03/2018
Business Case regarding release of Ryefield Centre, Ross-on-Wye15/01/2018For Determination12/02/2018
Construction and Facilities Management Services to Herefordshire Council15/01/2018For Determination12/04/2018
Abacus site licence renewal15/01/2018For Determination01/02/2018
Local Transport Plan- Annual Progress Report 2016/1715/01/2018For Determination26/02/2018
Hillside Centre15/01/2018For Determination25/01/2018
Herefordshire Council public realm service report15/01/2018For Determination29/01/2018
Highways Maintenance Challenge Fund - Timescale and Methods for Completion of Phase 212/01/2018For Determination09/03/2018
Proposed changes to care and support charging policy11/01/2018For Determination29/03/2018
Day Opportunities11/01/2018For Determination30/04/2018
Corporate risk register11/01/2018For Determination21/03/2018
Tracking of internal audit recommendations11/01/2018For Determination30/07/2018
End of December 2018 corporate budget and performance report11/01/2018For Determination14/02/2019
End of September 2018 corporate budget and performance report11/01/2018For Determination22/11/2018
End of May 2018 corporate budget and performance report11/01/2018For Determination19/07/2018
End of 2017/18 corporate budget and performance report11/01/2018For Determination05/07/2018
Corporate delivery plan 2018/1911/01/2018For Determination12/04/2018
Performance, Risk and Opportunity Management (PROM) Framework11/01/2018For Determination01/03/2018
End of December 2017 corporate budget and performance report11/01/2018For Determination15/02/2018
Public realm contract extension11/01/2018For Determination15/03/2018
Variation to West Mercia Energy Joint Agreement11/01/2018For Determination15/02/2018
Hereford City Centre Transport Package (HCCTP) - Active Travel Measures Consultation08/01/2018For Determination29/03/2018
Future delivery of museum, library and archive services05/01/2018For Determination10/05/2018
Response to motion at full council 13 October 2017 - Street Cleaning and Litter04/01/2018For Determination22/02/2018
Provision of young carers service04/01/2018For DeterminationNot before 05/02/2018
Extension of regional fostering framework agreement04/01/2018For Determination09/02/2018
Consultation on the future of St Weonards Primary School03/01/2018For DeterminationNot before 01/02/2018
Cabinet member response to general scrutiny committee recommendations on charity shop waste disposal02/01/2018For Determination01/02/2018
Political Proportionality and Allocation of Committee Seats02/01/2018For Determination26/01/2018
Extension to carers support service02/01/2018For Determination31/01/2018
Capital project management and control internal audit progress update02/01/2018For Determination24/01/2018