Forthcoming decisions
Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Access to information19/09/2018For Determination28/11/2018
Winter Service Plan 2018 / 202319/09/2018For Determination25/10/2018
Review of the Quality Assurance Framework for adults and communities18/09/2018For Determination08/11/2018
Consideration of controls to restrict parking on grass verges and pathways18/09/2018For Determination11/10/2018
Energy efficiency measures in corporate estate11/09/2018For Determination31/10/2018
DRP Essex Arms initial development appraisal07/09/2018For Determination28/09/2018
Capital project management and control internal audit update – closure report07/09/2018For Determination19/09/2018
Consideration of controls to restrict parking on grass verges and pathways07/09/2018For Determination11/10/2018
Corporate risk register04/09/2018For Determination19/09/2018
Education, development and skills strategy 2018-202131/08/2018For Determination17/09/2018
Public health: update and plans30/08/2018For Determination02/10/2018
Teachers pay award 2018/1930/08/2018For Determination26/11/2018
Policy for the use of, and determination of projects for, Children’s Wellbeing Section 106 funding29/08/2018For Determination12/10/2018
Almeley Primary School: new permanent build accommodation29/08/2018For Determination12/10/2018
Response to Motion : Development Partnership28/08/2018For Determination11/10/2018
Corporate Energy Efficiency Measures - Invest to Save Unit 3 LEDs17/08/2018For Determination21/09/2018
End of June 2018 Corporate Budget and Performance Report16/08/2018For Determination27/09/2018
2019/20 Council Tax Reduction Scheme16/08/2018For Determination15/02/2019
Leader's report to Council15/08/2018For Determination12/10/2018
Independent Person for Standards09/08/2018For Determination12/10/2018
Adoption of the Yarkhill neighbourhood development plan and consequential updates to the countrywide policies map08/08/2018For Determination25/09/2018
Adoption of the Wyeside Group neighbourhood development plan ad consequential updates to the countywide policies map08/08/2018For Determination12/10/2018
Adoption of the Wellington Heath neighbourhood development plan and consequential updates to the countrywide policies map08/08/2018For Determination12/10/2018
Appointments to Council Committees and Outside Bodies08/08/2018For Determination12/10/2018
Hereford City Centre Improvements - Residents Parking06/08/2018For Determination26/09/2018
DRP Hereford Football Stadium refurbishment preliminary appraisal06/08/2018For Determination14/09/2018
Request by Cradley Parish Council to change its name to Cradley and Storridge Council03/08/2018For Determination12/10/2018
Outcome of children’s Ofsted Inspection of Local Authority Children’s Services (ILACS) inspection and action plan03/08/2018For Determination18/10/2018
Strategic redesign of property service01/08/2018For Determination11/10/2018
DRP student accommodation on station approach stage 1 approval01/08/2018For Determination08/10/2018
Enhanced Housing Management for refugees01/08/2018For Determination02/11/2018
Herefordshire Safeguarding Children Board (HSCB) Annual Report 2017/1824/07/2018For Determination25/10/2018
DRP development on Essex Arms site to support the new university23/07/2018For Determination22/10/2018
Preparation of the Essex Arms for development23/07/2018For Determination27/09/2018
Variations to the waste management services contract17/07/2018For Determination25/10/2018
2018/19 corporate accommodation capital budget16/07/2018For Determination17/09/2018
Youth Justice Plan 2018-201912/07/2018For Determination12/10/2018
Peterchurch Primary School Rebuild11/07/2018For Determination27/09/2018
Herefordshire Safeguarding Adults Board Annual report 2017-201810/07/2018For Determination25/10/2018
South Wye Transport Package - southern link road land acquisitions10/07/2018For Determination25/09/2018
Council tax discount for care leavers02/07/2018For Determination02/10/2018
Accommodation based and floating support services27/06/2018For Determination22/10/2018
Corporate Parenting Annual Update26/06/2018For Determination18/10/2018
Fostering and adoption Service Annual Reports 2017/1826/06/2018For Determination27/09/2018
Herefordshire Public Green Spaces Community Grant20/06/2018For Determination17/09/2018
Contract review for printing, scanning and photocopying19/06/2018For Determination09/10/2018
Children and Young People's Plan 2018 - 202318/06/2018For Determination15/02/2019
Addressing environmental and serious organised crime15/06/2018For Determination12/10/2018
Workforce and OD Strategy06/06/2018For Determination14/03/2019
Direct award of contract for Technology Enabled Care service (TECS)06/06/2018For Determination05/10/2018
Adoption of the Hope under Dinmore Group neighbourhood development plan and consequential updates to the countywide policies map25/05/2018For Determination21/09/2018
Adoption of the Bodenham neighbourhood development plan and consequential updates to the countywide policies map25/05/2018For Determination21/09/2018
Adoption of the Much Marcle neighbourhood development plan and consequential updates to the countywide policies map25/05/2018For Determination21/09/2018
An assessment of video broadcasting options for Herefordshire Council18/05/2018For Determination18/07/2018
Rural Areas Site Allocation DPD - Site and settlement boundary options10/05/2018For DeterminationNot before 14/12/2018
Prior Street Cycle Contraflow Scheme Experimental Order 201816/04/2018For Determination31/10/2018
Out of Hours Payments for AMHPs16/04/2018For DeterminationNot before 31/07/2018
Childcare sufficiency report 2019-202012/04/2018For Determination22/11/2018
Marches Renewable Energy Grant Scheme18/09/2018For Determination02/11/2018
Property purchase and repair21/03/2018For Determination31/10/2018
Health Safety Wellbeing and Equality Strategy19/03/2018For Determination27/09/2018
Minerals and Waste Local Plan draft07/03/2018For Determination28/09/2018
Hereford Area Plan Draft including Preferred Options07/03/2018For Determination07/01/2019
Purchase of land at Hildersley, Ross-on-Wye23/02/2018For Determination16/10/2018
Committee chairman appointment and council membership20/02/2018For Determination09/03/2018
Recommissioning of a domestic abuse support service and an outline approach for a Domestic Abuse Strategy for Herefordshire16/02/2018For Determination18/10/2018
Self-Funder Policy13/02/2018For Determination23/11/2018
Autism Strategy for Herefordshire 2019-202213/02/2018For Determination18/10/2018
Changes to HR policies06/02/2018For DeterminationBefore 26/03/2018
End of December 2018 corporate budget and performance report11/01/2018For Determination28/02/2019
End of September 2018 corporate budget and performance report11/01/2018For Determination15/11/2018
Hereford City Centre Transport Package (HCCTP) - Active Travel Measures Consultation08/01/2018For Determination30/11/2018
Car park Charge Review15/12/2017For Determination03/09/2018