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What The Town Council Does


Leominster Town Council is a parish council, consisting of a Chairman (The Mayor) and fifteen other councillors. It is an elected tier of local government with legal existence of its own. It is often referred to as the grass roots level in the hierarchy, where councillors are most “in touch” with the electorate.


The Town Council plays a vital part in representing our community and improving the quality of life and local environment. It can influence other decision makers and can deliver services to meet local needs.


All parish councils have powers granted by Parliament, including the authority to raise money through taxation. Leominster Town Council raises its money through Council Tax, via an annual precept to Herefordshire Council. Parish Councils have a range of powers available to them permitting them to spend public money, some of which are listed below,


Powers and Duties


A parish council has a duty to provide allotments, if there is a proven demand, and it has power to improve and adapt land for doing this. Leominster Town Council has provided 98 allotments for its residents and we have a thriving allotment community at the Ginhall Lane site.


Some other useful powers available to us are:


·         To be notified and consulted, by Herefordshire Council, on all planning applications.

·         To provide and maintain bus shelters and public clocks

·         To maintain closed churchyards (Leominster Town Council has responsibility for the Priory Churchyard)

·         To install and maintain equipment and establish a scheme for deletion or prevention of crime.  Town Council makes an annual contribution to the CCTV scheme set up and monitored by Herefordshire Council. We also have close links with our local Police and try to work together to fight crime in our town.

·         To light roads and public places, provide litter bins and cycle racks, seats and shelters. (Whilst Herefordshire Council's Highways and Transportation Services have taken responsibility for these items, Leominster Town Council will advise on sites and locations and will purchase some of the equipment, when necessary).

·         To plant trees and lay out and maintain grass verges.

·         To provide buildings for public meetings. (Leominster Town Council provides a substantial annual grant towards the running of Leominster Community Centre).

·         To provide public conveniences (Herefordshire Council provide and maintain our four sets of public toilets. Leominster Town Council employs a Monitoring Officer to ensure that they are kept in good state of repair and cleanliness). 

·         To encourage visitors and tourists. (Leominster Town Council provides a Town Guide brochure which is distributed by the Tourist Information Centre and various hotels, guest houses, restaurants and cafes).

·         To contribute financially to traffic calming schemes.

·         To maintain memorials, such as war memorials.

·         To acquire, maintain and provide cemeteries and burial grounds.

·         To provide grants to community organisations including the Citizens Advice Bureau, Leominster Festival, Leominster Museum etc.

·         To provide a budget for young people's activities and provision of play equipment.

Contact information

Iain Plumtree (Town Clerk)

Leominster Town Council
17 West Street

Phone:  01568 611734