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Extension of Digital Multi-Media Advocacy Pilot

08/08/2019 - Extension of Digital Multi-Media Advocacy Pilot

To extend the contract with the current provider (University of East London) to enable the pilot to continue for an additional 12 months at a cost of £15,415 from 9th September 2019 to 8th September 2020. (The total cost for total period including the one-year extension will be £42,366.) This will be funded through the SEN reform grant.

Further develop the bespoke combined toolkit that seamlessly integrates the existing Rix Wiki and Multi-me platforms for CYP with SEND and their circles of support.

Review of progress in Q1 of 2020 will be undertaken to inform future decision making with regard to the software. The success of the project will be judged on the proportion of families who report that Wiki-Me has improved:
- sharing information selectively
- person-centered planning
- the communication and achievement of the child’s/family’s needs and preferences
- the production and sharing of plans and programmes.