Issue - decisions

Ross Enterprise Park – Phase 1 Development

12/02/2019 - Ross Enterprise Park – Phase 1 Development


(a)  the Acting Director of Economy and Place, in consultation with the Chief Finance Officer, is authorised to enter into construction contracts with Engie Regeneration Limited for the development of Ross Enterprise Park, Phase 1, as defined by the appended redline plan, and subject to costs being within the maximum project cost of £7.07million, and in accordance with the council’s following requirements:

                                          i.    Delivery of an enterprise park infrastructure (to exclude construction of buildings) to provide circa 8.5 net developable acres of land that will be disposed to private sector users for employment development (offices and industrial units)

                                        ii.    A design and specification in line with normal market practice and demand, subject to the other requirements set out here;

                                       iii.    Delivery of the site access, required section 278 highways works, internal estate roads, soft and hard landscaping, drainage, utilities, remediation and other reasonable infrastructure requirements of a business park;

                                       iv.    To achieve the earliest possible completion date to allow disposal to end users;

                                         v.    Ensure compliance with all planning conditions and other regulations relating to development (including health and safety and ecological requirements) during the design and construction.

(b)  The Acting Director of Economy and Place is authorised to take all operational steps necessary to give effect to the above recommendation.