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Teachers pay award 2019/20

Meeting: 07/10/2019 - Employment panel (Item 7)

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To seek comments on proposed arrangements for an above national pay award for teachers.  The proposals aim to ensure that all teachers are treated equally and receive a cost of living increase.  For the last four years, the national pay award has only applied to the statutory bottom(minima) and  top (maxima) of all pay ranges and allowances and not the pay points in-between these points.


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The HR services manager introduced the report and answered questions from the panel. It was noted that:

·         The working party had representatives from trade unions, headteachers from all categories of schools, officers from children and families directorate and HR officers;

·         Although the council could not impose the pay award on academies, in Herefordshire academies had generally followed the council’s stance;

·         The national pay award related only to the minima and maxima points on the pay scale, it was for the council to determine any local increase to that award;

·         In line with most other councils, Herefordshire continued to use a system of reference points for teachers’ salaries, and the working party agreed that applying the same percentage uplift to all pay points was fair and equitable to all staff;

·         Schools had been advised to budget for a 1% increase and there would be an additional 0.75% coming from central government but there would still be a gap for schools to cover;

·         The impact on school budgets had been discussed extensively in the working party and headteacher representatives had felt it was important to maintain equity across the pay points, even though this would put additional pressure on budgets;

·         Support staff such as teaching assistants would not be affected by this pay award as their pay was on the same system as other council staff.


The panel supported the proposal to apply a 2.75% increase across all pay point but expressed concern about the impact on school budgets of the unfunded increase and requested that a letter be sent to the Department for Education urging that future pay increases be fully funded by central government.


The HR services manager highlighted the government’s proposal to increase starting salaries for teachers to £30k either from 2022/23 or from September 2022. It was unclear how this increase was to be delivered and funded.


The panel expressed their appreciation for the work of teachers in Herefordshire and noted recent improvements in standards achieved.


The panel indicated its support that the following be applied:


(a)  Subject to Parliamentary approval a 2.75% increase for school leaders and teachers on all scale points within all pay ranges with effect from 1st September 2019;


(b)  Subject to Parliamentary approval a 2.75% increase on all allowances with effect from 1st September 2019.