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Review of performance and progress against the Safeguarding and Family Support improvement plan 2019 / 2020

Meeting: 25/11/2019 - Children and young people scrutiny committee (Item 29)

29 Review of performance and progress against the Safeguarding and Family Support improvement plan 2019 / 2020 pdf icon PDF 152 KB

To review progress against the improvement plan produced in response to the Ofsted Inspection of Local Authority Children’s Services (ILACS) inspection judgement of June 2018 and the subsequent Safeguarding and Family Support division improvement plan 2019 / 2020.


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The committee received a report from the ADS&FS concerning progress against the safeguarding and family support improvement plan 2019/20. The ADS&FS introduced the report and explained that the challenges presented in the report consisted of the recruitment of social workers and timeliness of visits. A significant amount of work had been undertaken in the recruitment of social workers which had resulted in the appointment recently of a principal social worker who had made appointments to three posts in the social work academy. The timeliness of visits was judged against a high and aspirational target; social workers often had to prioritise urgent and severe cases which affected timeliness results. The DCF explained that the self-assessments for each of the areas in children and families would be circulated after the meeting.


The committee raised the points below in the debate that followed:


·         It was queried whether the risk assessments relating to the potential for child exploitation had been brought up to date. The ADS&FS confirmed that this work had been completed.

·         The boost in social worker numbers was welcomed but it was noted that the indicator in the report was showing as a downward direction of travel. The ADS&FS explained that recruitment to some teams had been successful but if remained very difficult to make appointments to teams such as the child protection and court teams.

·         It was queried whether there was concern regarding the 16+ team. The ADS&FS and DCF explained that a number of staff on the team were leaving but there would be a concerted effort to recruit replacements.


RESOLVED: That the committee notes the report and the improvements made since the previous quarter.