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Corporate risk register

Meeting: 23/01/2019 - Audit and governance committee (Item 348)

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To consider the status of the council’s corporate risk register in order to monitor the effectiveness of the performance, risk and opportunity management framework.

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The directorate services team leader presented the report.   The following points were highlighted:


·                5 new risks added to the corporate risk register

·                1 risk had been removed and an explanation had been provided.

·                The risk registers had been reviewed in line with the performance, risk, opportunity management (PROM) framework and scores have been challenged within directorates as part of the process

·                A scoring matrix is now included within the report, as requested by committee at its last meeting.

·                Appendices 2-4 contained the directorate risk registers which reflected the previous directorate structure.   These risk registers will be aligned to the new directorate structures in due course. 


The directorate services team leader agreed to arrange for a briefing note which explained why risk number CR.048 (Delayed Transfer of Care [DToC]) had appeared on the corporate risk register at the highest rating even after mitigation.  


It was agreed that the DToC and risk number AWB.029 (Care Home Ratings) be referred to the Adults and Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee due to the high level of risk involved.  


A member of the committee requested that the ratings for the following risks be reviewed:


CR.36 (Good decision making) – in light of the concerns expressed over the governance of the SLR.

CR.21 (Welfare Reform) – in light of the recent national decisions, it was felt that the removal from the corporate risk register may be premature.



That the report be noted.