Issue details

Temporary Road closures signed Off During the month of October 2021

1 U71200, Ross Road Service Road, Whitchurch (TTRO21-795)
2 C1165 From B4220 To Strangwood Farm, Coddington (TTRO21-1010)
3 C1031 Spond Lane to Lyonshall, Lyonshall (TTRO21-925)
4 U75225, Dorstone Village Lane, Dorstone (TTRO21-762)
5 U91425, Bearwood Lane, Pembridge (TTRO21-766)
6 C1095 From Brinsop Court To Tillington Via Tillington Common, Tillington (TTRO21-1016)
7 U71603, Mesne Lane, Little Birch (TTRO21-775)
8 U65606 Gosty Lane, Bishops Frome (TTRO21-1005)
9 U94213 Hamnish Road Kimbolton Closure - OD (TTRO21-885)
10 U93009 Burton Mill, Lower Burton (TTRO21-915)
11 U93400 Lower Derndale
12 B4203, Sherford Street, Bromyard
13 B4234 from New House Farm Access, Walford (TTRO21-194)
14 C1192 Village Hall Preston-On-Wye To Brook At Owlswood House, Preston-On-Wye
15 C1098 From Lulham Cottage To Madley, Lulham Madley (TTRO21-1007)
16 Leominster remembrance day – 14 November 2021
17 Ledbury Remembrance Day – Sunday, 14 November 2021
18 C2097 From C1061 Junction To School Lane, Hampton Charles
19 Hereford Remembrance Day – Sunday, 14 November 2021
20 BB Resurfacing Works November 2021 (21-904)
21 TCO LM4
22 TCO CS8
24 U65005 Lockhill, Upper Sapey (TTRO21-916)
25 U72015, Lower Bullingham Lane, Lower Bullingham
26 C1027 Titley Station Road from B4355, Titley (TTRO21-908)
27 U72016, Watery Lane, Lower Bullingham TTRO21-1002
28 C1219 Nuthatch Cottage To Gwent Boundary, Walterstone TTRO21-1015
29 C1226 From A465 Belmont To Railway At Haywood Lodge, Belmont TTRO21-1011
30 A4110, Bewdley Bank, Bewdley Bank (TTRO21-1013)
31 B4203 from Burying Lane, Norton (TTRO21-910)
32 U92617, Overton Road, Orleton
33 U70604, Spine Road, Greytree
34 U70216, Barrel Lane, Longhope
35 U65009 Roxpole Lane, Thornbury TTRO21-1009
36 C1239 Coed Lank Farm Track To Castlefield Farm, Garway (TTRO21-1026)
37 C1235 From A466 Lyston House To Birch View Orcop Hill, Wormelow TTRO21-1029
38 s.38 - B713 Moreton on Lugg - Deed of Variation
39 B4348 From Cross Lodge To Poston Mill Park, Peterchurch TTRO21-1025
40 C1083 The Vernalls To Lower Bearwood, Bearwood (TTRO21-1004)
41 C1103 From Burghill to Crowmoor Lane, Burghill
42 C1049 Pateshall Lane, Kimbolton (TTRO21-1003)
43 C1238 Cluttin Road To The Old Rectory, Garway Hill (TTRO21-789)
44 C1162, Mathon Road, Colwall
45 U92020 Castle Street - Road Closure
46 U66617 Oak Drive - Road Closure
47 C1072 From New House To Knowle Farm, Brilley Whitney-On-Wye (TTRO21-1008)
48 U80002 Aubrey Street, Hereford (TTRO21-926)
49 U94009 Popland Lane - Road Closure
50 C1039 From The Lowe To C1043, Bicton Kingsland TTRO21-1037
51 C1245 & U71411 Garway (TTRO21-914)
52 C1130 from Withington to Whitestone Business Park, Whitestone (TTRO21-928)
53 U94201 Whyle to Pudlestone Road - Road Closure
54 U70211 Bailey Lane End, Dancing Green (TTRO21-917)
55 C1125 From The Vauld To The River Lugg, Sutton St Nicholas
56 U82300, Bullingham Lane, Hereford
57 C1181, Evendine Lane, Colwall
58 C1072 Bridge Street, Kington TTRO21-1034
59 C1177 from B4220 to C1165, Mathon - Road Closure
60 C1228 Portway To Haywood, Callow TTRO21-1040
61 U71400, Tretire Marsh Lane, St Owens Cross
62 U71224, Road From C1248 To Little Trewen Lane, Llangrove TTRO21-1030
63 U71605, Holly Bush Lane, Much Birch
64 Hereford Armistice Day – Thursday, 11 November 2021
65 C1206 From B4348 Vowchurch To Slough Breast Wood Track, Vowchurch TTRO21-1036
66 U67415 The Hyde Road Woolhope Closure - OD (TTRO21-859)
67 B4203 & B4204, Upper Sapey (TTRO21-911)
68 U71410 The Moors Road from Llantywaun Brook, Llancloudy (TTRO21-921)
69 Event road closure documents for signing – Pembridge Remembrance Day parade
70 Event road closure documents for signing - Ross on Wye Christmas Fayre
71 Event road closure documents for signing – Bromyard Christmas lights switch on
N/A PU1907 Section 50 for Approval
72 C1055 From Hamnish Bank To C1110, Stoke Prior
73 C1129 From C1125 To The Whymm, Sutton St Nicholas
74 C1059 From Humber Brook To Bradleys Corner, Hatfield
75 C1272 From Ladybridge To Carey Wood Access Track, Brockhampton
76 C1298 From B4224 To Sapness House, Sollers Hope
78 URGENT Road Closure - U93404, Birley Road, Birley
79 C1122 from C1120 to Wellington Crossing, Marden (TTRO21-944)
80 U93620, Pinsley Road, Leominster
81 Event road closure documents for signing – Kington Remembrance Day – Sunday, 14 November 2021
82 C1171 The Burtons, Wellington Heath
83 C1222 From A465 To Hungerstone, Allensmore
84 C1099 from A480 to Upper Barn Lane, Tillington (TTRO21-918)
85 Bartwood Lane, Pontshill
86 U93404, Birley Road, Birley
87 U70720, Merrivale Lane, Ross-On-Wye
89 URGENT - B4203 & B4204 Upper Sapey
90 C1234 From Bagwyllydiart To Pontrilas Court, Pontrilas TTRO21-1046
91 U73023, Warham Lane, Breinton TTRO21-1019
92 U91227, Waterloo Road, Kington
93 C1203 from Monnow Farm to Powys Boundary, Craswall (TTRO21-952)
94 C1106 Ivington To Cross Cottage Upper Hill, Ivington
95 U73239, Gosmore Road, Clehonger
96 U70230, Linton Road, Gorsley
97 U72400, Pomona Lane From C1130, Bartestree
98 U91015, C1069 From Newhouse Farm To C1072, Lower Hergest
100 C1279, Alton Street, Ross-On-Wye
101 TCO OC9
102 TCO EB18

Decision type: Non-key

Decision status: Recommendations Approved

Notice of proposed decision first published: 23/11/2021

Decision due: 31 October 2021 by Officer Decision - Economy and Place

Contact: Bruce Evans, Engineering manager Email: Tel: 07792880548.