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General scrutiny committee

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Information about General scrutiny committee

The council has decided that it will have three scrutiny committees which will have responsibility for all the scrutiny functions on behalf of the council.


The General Scrutiny Committee has the following remit:


·        Services within the economy, communities and corporate directorate

·        Corporate performance

·        Budget and policy framework matters

·        Statutory flood risk management scrutiny powers

·        Statutory community safety and policing scrutiny powers


Our scrutiny committees oversee and scrutinise the work of the leader and cabinet and the council as a whole. This allows members outside the cabinet and citizens to have a greater say in council matters by investigating issues of local concern. This can include questioning cabinet members, committee chairmen, or senior officers of the council, and inviting people from outside the council to give opinions and expert advice.


The scrutiny committees have the power to scrutinise the services provided by organisations outside the council e.g. NHS services and the work of the community safety partnership. They can make reports and recommendations to the leader, Council and some partner organisations. The decision takers are not required to implement the recommendations but do have to consider any recommendations made.


The public can be involved in the scrutiny process and help shape and inform decision

making and policy:


·        by asking questions at committee meetings:


·        by submitting evidence for consideration by a committee or one of its task and finish groups;


·        or by suggesting items for inclusion in the work programme of the  Committee.