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Variation to public realm annual plan 20/21 - Addition of funding from the Capital Investment in Infrastructure 2020/21 Public Realm Annual Plan

On 6 August 2020 the Cabinet Member for Infrastructure and transport made the following decision:

(a) £2m to be spent in 2020/21 on the U and C road network following resolution at the meeting of the Council held on 14 February, 2020. The proposed delivery programme, following assessment/survey of the whole network, will be confirmed in a further cabinet member report; and
(b) £2m investment in infrastructure capital programme budget is invested and spent as set out below:
a. £380k Drainage works in Lea Flood Alleviation Scheme
b. £300k Drainage investment in capital schemes to alleviate public realm flood sites and damaged / broken assets.
c. £20k Improve signage at gauge boards at known flooding areas and diversion routes such as A438 Letton.
d. £300k Investment in structures.
e. £500k Highway safety scheme.
f. £100k Invest in the Public Rights of Way damaged infrastructure resulting in closed networks.
g. £100k Playground investments.
h. £100k Footpath Improvements.
i. £200k winter fleet investment

This is a separate capital budget to the Annual plan Local Transport Plan capital budget and costs will be reported against the budget line.

The Acting Assistant Director has determined that the most effect way to deliver this additional investment is through the Public Realm Services Contract given that the proposed works are within the scope of that contract.

To achieve this the Acting Assistant Director has decided to use her delegated authority provided by the Cabinet Member Infrastructure and Transport on 29 April 2020 to vary the Public Realm Service Annual Plan 2020/21 by adding these works to the Annual Plan.

Therefore the following will be added to the Annual Plan:

£2,000,000 C & U Roads – the programme is to be derived from information gained from current Visalia surveys and will be the subject of a further decision by the Cabinet Member and adjustment to the Annual Plan by the Acting Assistant Director.

Drainage works in Lea Flood Alleviation Scheme: £380,000 which has been detailed in a separate governance report which can be view by following the link below:


£300,000 Drainage
Longtown scoping and investigation: £15,000
The Granary, Fownhope – AMX BL2000053: £10,000
Stone Street Culvert, Madley – AMX MA2000013 Design Feasibility Scoping with consultant input: £25,000
Westland View Primary School Phase 1: £20,000
Dilwyn village centre: £10,000
2 Wyson lane: £25,000
Puddlestone: £15,000
Marshhouse: £10,000
Whitney On Wye drainage investigation: £10,000
Old Shop Lane: £20,000
Finches Corner: £15,000
A40 Gulley Improvement: £20,000
A466 Gulley: £15,000
A456 opposite Station house CCTV: £5,000
C1305 Putley Investigation: £15,000
B4361 Ashley Moor: £30,000
B4348 Much Dewchurch: £25,000
B4351 Moccas Investigation and CCTV: £15,000

£300,000 Structures
£81,000 Early Warnings raised against structures minor works
WBS Titles:
BB0246 Combe £4,000
BW7039 Orleton Wall £2000
BB0155 Stretford £4000
BW7140 Fiddlers Green, Retaining Wall £12,000
BB1229 MichaelChurch Irish Bridge £2000
BB0407 Gobbetts Culvert £1000
BB0302 Snodhill Culvert £500
BB0169 Eign Brook Culvert £500
BB1092 Prospect Flood Arch £4000
BB0263 Waterloo £500
BB0798 Marshfield Culvert £1000
BB0191 Hackmoor £500
BB0192 Willersley £3000
BF7844 Plough Yazor 2 Footbridge £500
BB0001 Mordiford £2500
BB0045 Kivernoll £10,000
BB0335 Court £5000
BB0279 Stiffords £1000
BB0139 Ewyas Harold £1000
BW7185 Dulas Brook retaining wall £8000
BB0111 Llangua £1500
BB0109 Llangua Flood Arch £3500
BB0150 Letton £1000
BB0181 Huntington Lane Culvert £3000
BB0397 Brandon £2500
BB0105 Allt-Yr-Yrnas Culvert - Retaining Wall £4000
BB0275 Five Bridges £500
Mordiford Bridge Flood Arches - Minor Works £2000
Avenbury Bridge Assessment £14,000
How caple Earth Retainment Additional £30,000
Pontrillas Retaining Wall £40,000
Netherwood Bridge Assessment £65,000
Wilton Road Bridge Investigation and asseement £60,000
Greenway Bridge Lighting Waterworks Road lighting interface £10,000

Highway safety scheme £500,000 – the programme will be informed by HC Highways safety team as Old Gore Cross Roads A449/B4224 estimated at £500k

Invest in the Public Rights of Way network £100,000
Prow Proposed schemes

Walford WA25 Y 4-5m £8,000
Pencombe PG4 Y 6-8m £16,000
Bodenham BM6 N 7m £15,000
Walterstone WZ3 Y 7m £15,000
Marstow MO6 Y 8m £16,000
Burghill BX23 Y 4-5m £8,000

Design costs £21,000

Playground investments £100,000 – the programme is derived from asset management data to maintain, make safe and open PROW structures and network with
indicative programme of works/costs as follows:

Overlay of existing rubber crumb safety surfaces in 21 market town playgrounds (approx. 1200m2)

Repainting of existing metal playground equipment in 21 market town playgrounds (est £2,500 per playground)

A44 Footway Improvement £12,000
Tan House Footway Interface Scoping £8000
Forge Bank, Ashperton £15,000
Gorsty Lane, Hereford £10,000
Burghill Village Road £15,000
Baker Lea, Monkland £10,000
Devereux Close, Hereford £15,000
Elm Road, Hereford £15,000

Winter Fleet Investment £200,000 Investment in gritter fleet to maintain operation.
This is investment in council assets that will support the winter maintenance service delivered through the Annual Plan

Decision type: Non-key

Decision status: Recommendations Approved

Notice of proposed decision first published: 13/09/2020

Decision due: 14 September 2020 by Acting Assistant Director for Highways and Transport

Contact: John Manterfield, Commercial and Contract Manager Email: