Forthcoming decisions
Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Hereford Towns Fund town investment plan submission23/11/2020For Determination14/01/2021
Transfer of Get Building Funding the New Model Institute Technology and Engineering19/11/2020For Determination17/12/2020
Hereford City Centre Transport Package (HCCTP)19/11/2020For Determination04/02/2021
Public Realm Contract Extension18/11/2020For Determination18/01/2021
Recommendation for the first proceedable affordable housing scheme18/11/2020For Determination17/12/2020
Hillside - Review of technological opportunities18/11/2020For Determination11/12/2020
Maylord Shopping Centre - Procurement of Management Contract09/11/2020For Determination17/12/2020
West Midlands Rail Ltd - proposed governance change09/11/2020For Determination14/12/2020
£2m Investment in the C and U road network - confirmation of the delivery programme06/11/2020For Determination17/12/2020
Executive response to the tree strategy and hedgehog protection motions06/11/2020For Determination11/12/2020
Schools Capital Investment Programme06/11/2020For Determination17/12/2020
Lugwardine: A438 Improvement scheme:S106 Works Pedestrian Crossing and footway05/11/2020For Determination10/12/2020
Review of performance and progress against the Safeguarding and Family Support improvement plan05/11/2020For Determination01/12/2020
Update on reducing the number of children looked after (CLA)05/11/2020For Determination01/12/2020
Marches Local Enterprise Partnership Update05/11/2020For Determination30/11/2020
Hereford Towns Fund sign off process and project development funding acceptance02/11/2020For Determination20/11/2020
Endorsement of ‘Station Approach Site Study, Hereford’ Report30/10/2020For Determination14/01/2021
Appointment of Acting Director of Public Health30/10/2020For Determination18/11/2020
To review and authorise a resourcing plan that will be required to take forward and implement the outcome of the waste management review29/10/2020For Determination16/12/2020
Licensing Policy 2020-202528/10/2020For Determination11/12/2020
Review of fostering allowances and fees for foster carers28/10/2020For Determination17/12/2020
Pay Policy Statement27/10/2020For Determination18/11/2020
Additional funding in support of Lengthsman Grant26/10/2020For Determination25/11/2020
Progress report on 2020/21 internal audit plan26/10/2020For Determination17/11/2020