Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Decision to spend from the property services planned, reactive and capital maintenance programme 2018/19 at various sites. ref: 689019/05/202019/05/2020Not for call-in
Decision to spend from the property services estates capital programme 2019/20 on No 5 Blackfriars Street. ref: 688919/05/202019/05/2020Not for call-in
Applications for care proceedings during Covid 19 pandemic ref: 688522/05/202022/05/2020Not for call-in
Operation of fostering panel during Covid 19 ref: 688422/05/202022/05/2020Not for call-in
Pre Proceedings (the PLO process) is not to commence unless it involves an unborn child ref: 688322/05/202022/05/2020Not for call-in
Procurement of technical advice from Haverstock Associates LLP (architects) during the early stage of design development for the Brookfield capital project. ref: 688221/05/202021/05/2020Not for call-in
Application for a Modification Order in the Parish of Clifford M309 ref: 688121/05/202021/05/2020Not for call-in
To make a formal decision to implement Easements to the Care Act 2014, introduced by the Coronavirus Act 2020 and associated Regulations. ref: 687704/05/202004/05/2020Not for call-in
Department for Transport Access Fund – Destination Hereford phase 3 (DH3) - Extension ref: 684819/05/202027/05/20200
Confidential reporting code (Whistleblowing)19/05/2020For Determination  
Approval to award a contract to provide the continuation of Fixed Line Telephony Services ref: 687618/05/202018/05/2020Not for call-in
Climate Emergency Review18/05/2020For Determination  
Delay the mainstream and college transport retendering programme (Area 4) to allow time to understand longer term implications of Covid-19 ref: 687515/05/202015/05/2020Not for call-in
Strategic Acquisition of a leasehold in Herefordshire and to award a facilities management contract post completion ref: 684918/05/202023/05/2020Call-in expired
Award of SEN Transport Contracts – April 2020 (Ref 0420) ref: 687415/05/202015/05/2020Not for call-in
Better Care Fund Quarter 4 report 2019/202015/05/2020For Determination  
To defer food standards, food hygiene and feed hygiene visits from 20 March until 17 April 2020 ref: 687215/05/202015/05/2020Not for call-in
Funding to support young carers during the coronavirus outbreak ref: 687115/05/202015/05/2020Not for call-in
Continued participation in an extended sub-regional contract for an independent Fostering Advice and Mediation Service. ref: 687315/05/202015/05/2020Not for call-in
Relocation of distribution hub for PPE (personal protective equipment) – Covid 19 ref: 686912/05/202012/05/2020Not for call-in
Recovery of debt from unpaid parking Penalty Charge Notices ref: 686814/05/202014/05/2020Not for call-in
To defer all food standards and feed hygiene visits from 18 April until 17 July 2020 ref: 686714/05/202014/05/2020Not for call-in
Removal of Suspension for Street Trading (laybys) activity in relation to the covid19 outbreak ref: 686614/05/202014/05/2020Not for call-in
Removal of Suspension for Street Trading activity (towns/city centre) in relation to the covid19 outbreak ref: 686514/05/202014/05/2020Not for call-in
To permit a temporary change of policy in relation to medicals required by Taxi Drivers ref: 686414/05/202014/05/2020Not for call-in
Options for delivering council-owned Housing ref: 683014/05/202021/05/2020Call-in expired
AMENDMENT - Consideration of a 7.5 tonne weight restriction (except for access) in Bromyard town centre ref: 686304/05/202004/05/2020Not for call-in
Cancellation of public bus contract procurement for September 2020 services and extension of existing contract to allow further assessment in response to COVID 19 ref: 686113/05/202013/05/2020Not for call-in
194408 - CRUMPLEBURY FARM, WHITBOURNE, WORCESTER, WR6 5SG ref: 685912/05/202012/05/2020Not for call-in
193391 - HOMELEIGH, WELSH NEWTON, MONMOUTHSHIRE, NP25 5RR ref: 686012/05/202012/05/2020Not for call-in
Modification Order in the Parish of Stoke Prior M341 ref: 685812/05/202012/05/2020Not for call-in
Highways Act 1980, Section 119 ref: 685712/05/202012/05/2020Not for call-in
End of 2019/20 corporate budget and performance report12/05/2020For Determination  
Tracking of audit recommendations12/05/2020For Determination  
Corporate risk register12/05/2020For Determination  
Review of peer on peer abuse cases12/05/2020For Determination  
Further Warm Homes Funding- Shropshire Council led project ref: 682312/05/202019/05/2020Call-in expired
The Provision of Welfare Facilities at Strangford Closed Landfill Site. Llangarron. 25.02.20 ref: 685625/02/202025/02/2020Not for call-in
Decision to Issue a Caution for a Waste Duty of Care Offence. Leominster. 03.03.20 ref: 685503/03/202003/03/2020Not for call-in
Decision to Prosecute An Individual for three Environmental Crime Offences. Ross on Wye West. 05.03.20 ref: 685405/03/202005/03/2020Not for call-in
Serving of a S20 Prohibition Order Cat 1 Notice relating to a property in Newtown Road, Hereford. Widemarsh. 06.03.20 ref: 685306/03/202006/03/2020Not for call-in
Decsion to Award the Contract for the Collection and Disposal of Landfill Leachate. Credenhill & Llangarron. 06.04.20 ref: 685206/04/202006/04/2020Not for call-in
Serving of a Health Protection (Coronavirus) Restrictions (England) Regulations 2020 notice relating to a premises in Eign Street, Hereford. Central. 04.05.20 ref: 685104/05/202004/05/2020Not for call-in
A4137 and B4521 St Owens Cross Speed Limit Review ref: 685004/05/202004/05/2020Not for call-in
Review of performance and progress against the Safeguarding and Family Support improvement plan 2019/202011/05/2020For Determination