Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Hoople Service Level Agreement 2021/2224/02/2021For Determination  
Approval of the expenditure of up to £5,500 from the Capital Maintenance Schools’ Budget for asbestos removal works to Michaelchurch Primary School. ref: 767524/02/202124/02/2021Not for call-in
Review of performance and progress against the Safeguarding and Family Support improvement plan24/02/2021For Determination  
Modern.Gov Renewal24/02/2021For Determination  
Record of Officer Decision - Building Control Scheme of Charges ref: 767323/02/202123/02/2021Not for call-in
Internal Audit 1st quarter Plan 2021-22 and Internal Audit Charter23/02/2021For Determination  
Progress report on 2020/21 internal audit plan23/02/2021For Determination  
Green Space Enhancements – Residential Trees and Trees on Public Open Space, Towns Fund ref: 767223/02/202123/02/2021Not for call-in
SACRE Membership22/02/2021For Determination  
SACRE budget 2021/2222/02/2021For Determination  
2021/22 council tax setting report22/02/2021For Determination  
Herefordshire Streetworks Permit Scheme22/02/2021For Determination  
To approve the provision of technical advice by the Wye and Usk Foundation on phosphate reduction in the Lugg catchment21/02/2021Recommendations Approved  
Provision of children centre service in Bromyard area ref: 764119/02/202126/02/20210
Award of contracts for Family Mentoring and Befriending ref: 766817/02/202117/02/2021Not for call-in
Local Flood Risk Management Strategy Action Plan18/02/2021For Determination  
Leader's report to Council18/02/2021For Determination  
Surrender and grant of new lease in respect of Unit 12 Maylord Shopping Centre, Hereford ref: 766716/02/202116/02/2021Not for call-in
Extend the contract for the Herefordshire emergency duty team from 1 April 2021 up to 31 March 2023 ref: 766617/02/202117/02/2021Not for call-in
Library Management System Contract Update ref: 766418/02/202118/02/2021Not for call-in
Tree Preservation Order 641 The Vicarage Bosbury ref: 766210/02/202110/02/2021Not for call-in
Change of charges for waste collection services17/02/2021For Determination  
Consolidation of Wellington and Auberrow Speed Limit Orders ref: 766110/02/202110/02/2021Not for call-in
Proposed Public Path Diversion Footpaths FL7(Part) in the Parish of Felton and PW8A (Part) in the Parish of Preston Wynne. ref: 765905/02/202105/02/2021Not for call-in
Travel Fund, Towns Fund ref: 765717/02/202117/02/2021Not for call-in
To approve expenditure up to the value of £65,500 to award professional services contracts and to complete feasibility work to progress the Integrated Wetlands project ref: 766016/12/202016/12/2020Not for call-in
Decision to spend on the Shirehall Courtroom Ceiling Remedial Works ref: 765625/01/202125/01/2021Not for call-in
Explosive Storage Licence for Evans Farm and Country Supplies for 3 years. Widemarsh. 16.09.20 ref: 765516/09/202016/09/2020Not for call-in
Explosives Storage Licence. Lightning Fireworks. Three Crosses. 15.01.21 ref: 765415/01/202115/01/2021Not for call-in
Short term tenancy in respect of unit 17 Maylord Shopping Centre, Hereford ref: 765309/02/202109/02/2021Not for call-in
Decision to prosecute an individual uder S117 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 for blue badge misuse. Central Ward. 22.01.21 ref: 765222/01/202122/01/2021Not for call-in
Dealing with newly registered low risk Food hygiene premises ref: 765116/02/202116/02/2021Not for call-in
Proposed Public Path Diversion Bridleway ME3 (Part) in the Parish of Michaelchurch Escley ref: 765005/02/202105/02/2021Not for call-in
Decision to enter into a Consultancy Agreement to carry out a Condition Survey and Recommendation for Improvement Works at the Old House Museum. ref: 764912/02/202112/02/2021Not for call-in
Property services estates capital works programme15/02/2021For Determination  
Contract Award Substance Use Service ref: 764810/02/202110/02/2021Not for call-in
Hereford City Centre Transport Package (HCCTP) - Development of the remaining elements15/02/2021For Determination  
A review of schools pastoral support and mental health pathway for looked after children15/02/2021For Determination  
Complex Needs Framework15/02/2021For Determination  
Record of Officer Decision - Decision to approve the procurement of an additional 75 days of internal audit work to be completed by South West Audit Partnership (SWAP) ref: 764715/02/202115/02/2021Not for call-in
Approval of the appointment of Land Science to complete non-invasive ground survey investigations the for the Brookfield School Improvement capital project ref: 764612/02/202112/02/2021Not for call-in
Community Improvement Project relating to Wilton Sports Centre, Ross-on-Wye. ref: 764412/02/202119/02/2021Call-in expired
Decision to award Substance Use Contract ref: 764310/02/202110/02/2021Not for call-in
Decision to extend the ActiveHERE contract for 6 months11/02/2021Recommendations Approved  
Herefordshire Capital Investment Strategy 2021-2030 For Specialist Settings Educating Children and Young People with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities SEND11/02/2021For Determination  
Director of Public Health Annual Report11/02/2021For Determination  
Award the contract of a Learning Management System and an associated website for the Herefordshire Safeguarding Children Partnership (HSCP), Herefordshire Safeguarding Adult Board and Herefordshire Community Safety Partnership. ref: 763910/02/202110/02/2021Not for call-in
Approval to complete a contract variation for IE Brand and Digital Consultancy to provide additional consultancy services for the brand and digitalisation of Talk Community ref: 764011/02/202111/02/2021Not for call-in
Temporary closure of Herefordshire Archive & Records Centre (HARC), Hereford Museum & Art Gallery and Black & White House Museum ref: 763810/02/202110/02/2021Not for call-in
Building maintenance, small works and cleaning services - Service Continuity Plan ref: 763610/02/202110/02/2021Not for call-in
To approve the submission of the planning application which meets the council’s criteria for the Brookfield School Improvement capital To approve the submission of the planning application which meets the council’s criteria for the Brookfield School ref: 763710/02/202110/02/2021Not for call-in