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Development and Regeneration Programme : Holme Lacy former School site

11/02/2019 - Development and Regeneration Programme : Holme Lacy former School site


(a)       the redevelopment of the former education campus at Holme Lacy be placed into the Development and Regeneration Programme (DRP); 

(b)       a new project request to carry out a preliminary (“Stage 1”) appraisal of development options for the Holme Lacy site be issued the council’s development partner  Keepmoat Homes

(c)       , the following Council Criteria for Stage 1 of the Holme Lacy project be approved :

1.    The stage 1 submission will provide an estimate of the cost, a proposed layout and design for a scheme, together with an outline business case and programme for residential redevelopment of the Site, the proposed development will be based on a set of standard assumptions for Keepmoat Homes as to product range, tenure mix and general amenity (“the Standard Offer”). 


2.    The Standard Offer will be fully policy compliant


3.    In cooperation with the council, as a basis for comparison with Criterion 1, an outline cost, design, business case and programme for residential development of the Site which makes an enhanced contribution to the council’s social, environmental and economic objectives over and above that which would be required by relevant law or existing planning policy (“the Enhanced Offer”) in respect of:


(a)  Enhanced environmental sustainability including   energy efficiency, transport, protection/enhancement of natural habitats, and/or

(b)  Increased affordable housing, and/or

(c)  Health and wellbeing of communities and residents, and/or

(d)  Use of modular construction..


4.    In cooperation with the council  the stage 1 submission will define the evidential framework for Stage 2 to assess the project against the council’s requirement to demonstrate best value and meet all other relevant legal obligations.


(d)       a Stage 1 Development Fee of up to £30k be approved to be underwritten by the Council under the terms of its overarching agreement with Keepmoat Homes

(e)       a capital sum of £20k is approved for drawing down from the Development Partnership capital budget in order to support the council in delivering Stage 1 of the project, including the covering of staff costs and external advisers to the council.