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Application for a grant of an occasional premises licence in respect of Sunrise Festival, Rockyfold, Kentchurch, Herefordshire, HR2 0BL- Licensing Act 2003

To consider an application for an occasional grant of a premise licence in respect of Sunrise Festival, Rockyfold, Kentchurch, Herefordshire. HR2 0BL.


Members of the licensing sub committee of the council’s planning and regulatory committee considered the above application, full details of which appeared before the Members in their agenda and the background papers.

The principal licensing officer presented the report.


It was noted that the applicant had previously applied for temporary event notices (TENS) but those only authorise events involving up to 499 people but it was likely the numbers this year would exceed 499 so the applicant had applied for an occasional premises licence.   The Safety Advisory Group had been involved and an event management plan had been presented and would be finalised prior to the event. 


The sub committee heard from the member of the public who had submitted a relevant public representation and outlined the following:


·         They had previously lived slightly further away from the festival but had now moved into a cottage which adjourned the festival site.

·         They were closer to the main stage than the campers.  

·         There was awareness that there will be people trying to access the festival without paying.

·         No complaints had been made as it was felt to be a waste of time.

·         Previously there had been festival goers in the toilet, decking etc who refused to move.

·         Telephone calls had been made to the festival security who had done nothing.

·         They wanted to know the name of the security company employed to satisfy themselves that there will be good security in place.


The sub committee then heard from the applicant who outlined: 


·         He had worked on over 300 festival as a contractor.

·         This was a family event and tickets for 406 adults and 276 children had already been sold.   It was expected that there would be over 300 children and 500 adult ticket sales. 

·         It was acknowledged that it would be a noisy event but there will be sound checks and also sound barriers. 

·         There would be 3 times the number of security staff compared to previous events.

·         There would be a 24 hr control telephone number which had been given to all direct locals.  The local shop had also been given the number to pass to interested people and the parish council had also been supplied with the number. 

·         A meeting with local people was also being organised.  


Following questions from members of the sub-committee, it was clarified that:


·         The event would be operating Challenge 25

·         Professional staff would be employed and well trained to prevent sales to under age persons.

·         The security teams would also monitor proxy sales.



The sub committee’s decision is to grant the licence with an amendment to the sign off from SAG being reduced from 30 days prior to the event to 10 days prior to the event due to the date of the festival. 





The sub committee had carefully considered the representations from the principal licensing officer, member of the public and the applicant. The sub committee were content that all reasonable steps had been taken to promote and uphold the licensing objectives, which included the employment of more security staff, a 24 hour control telephone number, sound checks and sound barriers as well as the model licensing conditions. 


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